Stunning Old And New Photos Show How Much Paris Has Changed Since The 1900s

Paris has been changed much in the 20th century; however, the city still has some old landmarks, buildings and structures. French art director Julien Knez captured photos of famous landmarks, streets and buildings of Paris and combined with old historical images in a single frame to illustrate that most places in Paris still hold on to their past architecture.

The historical photographs range from 1871 to 1968, and highlight key moments in Parisian history, from the great flood of 1910 to the city’s Nazi occupation and liberation.

#5 The Statue of Liberty on Boulevard de Courcelles, 1883

#16 Hitler’s visit to Place de l’Opéra, June 23, 1940

#17 Rue de Rivoli, during the Nazi occupation, c.1942

#19 Friends meeting during the Liberation of Paris — Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, August 1944

#22 Hitler’s visit to the Arc de Triomphe, June 1940

Hitler's visit to the Arc de Triomphe, June 1940

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