St. Louis 1930: A Captivating Journey Through Time, Uncovering the Life, Architecture, and Culture of a Historic City

In 1930, St. Louis was a vibrant and energetic place, full of hope and possibility despite the challenges of the Great Depression. With its thriving jazz scene, impressive architecture, and innovative spirit, the city was a beacon of resilience and determination. From the bustling clubs of Gaslight Square to the grandeur of the St. Louis Central Public Library and Union Station, there was always something to marvel at and enjoy. Families and friends flocked to the World’s Fair Pavilion and Forest Park for strolls, picnics, and baseball games. In contrast, the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team won their fourth championship, cementing their place in American sports history. Even in the face of economic hardship, the people of St. Louis persevered, embodying the indomitable spirit of the American Dream and continuing to flow forward like the mighty Mississippi River.

#1 Row of houses on Wyoming Ave. in the Tower Grove South neighborhood at 3721, 3723, 3725, and 3727, 1930

#2 View of Washington Ave. at night looking west from its intersection with Third St, 1930

#3 Residential street in St. Louis, with a child in a white outfit running along the sidewalk, 1930

#4 Empty lot south of the Civil Courts Building on 12th Street between Market and Walnut, presumably taken during the early stages of construction of the U.S. Court House and Custom House, 1930

#5 Cars parked along the street at 3127 Gravois, near its intersection with Juniata. The Princeton Electric Battery Co. can be seen at 3115 Gravois, and the Kranz Automotive Body Co. was located at 3034 Gravois, 1930

#6 Mississippi riverfront at Gasconade Street, in what would become the Marine Villa neighborhood, with a gasometer on a hill in the distance, 1930

#7 Boy in rollerskates standing in a new addition to the Clifton Heights neighborhood, 1930

#8 Two houses located at 1119 and 1121 Hickory Street in the La Salla Park neighborhood, 1930

#9 Workers clearing debris from a partially collapsed building near 835 S. 8th Street. Buildings for the Ralston Purina Co., 8th Street Scale, and Hank’s Welding can be seen, 1930

#10 Sidewalk repair on South Broadway near its intersection with Lafayette. The sign and storefront for the Heitmeyer Drug Co. can be seen in the background, 1930

#11 Row house on the 1300 block of Elliot, near the current location of the St. Louis Fire Department headquarters, 1930

#12 Multi-family houses at 3715 – 3721 North Florissant Avenue in the Hyde Park neighborhood, 1930

#13 Few houses on the 3500 block of North Florissant, 1930

#14 Group of children standing in front of homes at 3919 and 3921 North Florissant Avenue, 1930

#15 Two houses located at 4401 and 4405 North Florissant Avenue, 1930

#16 Row of houses along the 4200 block of North Florissant Avenue, 1930

#17 Storefronts along the 3500 block of Lindell Boulevard, including the Buckley-Pannell Tire Company, Jan Long Laundry, and the Union Candy Company, 1930

#18 Number of homes along the 4000 block of North Florissant, including houses at 4021, 4023, and 4025, 1930

#19 Row of houses along the 3900 block of Natural Bridge Road, just west of its intersection with Vandeventer Avenue, with Fairground Park to the immediate north, 1930

#20 Three houses on the 4200 block of N. Florissant Ave. at 4250, 4252, and 4254, 1930

#21 House at 3931 N. Florissant Ave. next to the auto repair shop operated by Henry Rau and his son, Gottfried, 1930

#22 Row house on the 3500 block of Lindell Blvd. covering addresses 3511 to 3505, 1930

#23 Intersection of Kingshighway and Harney Ave. in the Mark Twain neighborhood before improvement, 1930

#24 Multi-family residence at 4311 and 4313 N. Florissant Ave, 1930

#25 Houses on the 4000 block of N. Florissant Ave., specifically 4033 and 4037, 1930

#26 Residential buildings on Lindell Blvd. covering addresses 3517 to 3513, 1930

#27 House located at 3907 N. Florissant Ave. in the Hyde Park neighborhood, 1930

#28 Civil Courts Building on the northeast corner of Market and 12th streets. The Southwestern Bell Building is visible to the north, 1930

#29 Three houses on the 4000 block of N. Florissant Ave., between Newhouse Ave. and Angelica St. with a parked car in front, 1930

#30 Three houses at 4854, 4856, and 4858 St. Louis Ave, 1930

#31 House at 4315 W. Belle Place in the Vandeventer neighborhood, 1930

#32 Large multi-family house and another house located at 4846, 4850, and 4852 St. Louis Ave, 1930

#33 Pedestrians crossing Olive St. at Ninth St. with the Old Post Office building visible in the background, 1930

#34 Intersection of Sarah St. and Easton Ave. in the Jeff Vanderlou neighborhood with the Boekler Lumber Co. warehouse located at 4072 Easton, 1930

#35 Tenement row, 1939 – Rear of a tenement row north of the downtown retail district.

#36 6006 Westminster, 1931 – Presumably a sinkhole on the 6000 block of Westminster.

#37 Union and Lindell boulevards, 1931 – A police officer and two other men standing next to a wooden traffic barricade at the intersection of Lindell and Union boulevards.

#38 View west at the railroad overpass at South Main St, First St. and Chouteau Ave, 1930

#40 Fleet of Division of Health vehicles and horse-drawn wagons in front of the Municipal Courts Building, 1930

#41 Large commercial building at Union and St. Louis Avenues, home to Peters Shoes and Mound City Restaurant, 1930

#42 Men working on the tuckpointing of a house on the corner of Fyler Avenue and Watson Road in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood, 1930

#43 Few multi-family houses on the 4300 block of North Florissant Avenue, including houses at 4304, 4306, and 4308, 1930

#44 Buildings and billboards near the intersection of Market and Vandeventer, with the Firmin Desloge Hospital in the far distance and the building for the Globe Union Manufacturing Co. in the foreground, 1930

#45 Wood-sided homes on the 4400 block of N. Florissant Ave. at 4407, 4411, and 4415. J. Martin’s truck is parked in front of 4415, 1930

#47 House at the southeast corner of N. Florissant and Newhouse Ave. at 3941 N. Florissant Ave, 1930

#49 Grand-Florissant Drug Co. building at the southwest corner of W. Florissant and Grand Aves, 1930

#50 View of Olive St. looking west from 18th St. with the Century Electric Co. works building visible on the south side, 1930

#51 Three small houses at 4333-4329 St. Louis Ave. with a mailman delivering at 4331, 1930

#52 Two buildings located on the 4600 block of St. Louis Ave. A.C. Garage Auto Repairing Storage Space was at 4652 and the Marconi Electric Co. at 4654, 1930

#53 Small bridge, 1930 – A small bridge and newly constructed road.

#54 Riverview Blvd. at Saloma, 1930 – Intersection of Riverview Blvd. and Saloma Ave. looking north on Riverside. Abraham Frank operated a candy store at 5907 Lillian Ave.

#55 N.R.A. Parade, 1933 – Parade in honor of the National Recovery Administration marching west on Market from 12th Street past City Hall and the Municipal Auditorium.

#56 The Pike, Forest Park Highlands, St. Louis, 1930 – Photograph of The Pike, the concession area, at Forest Park Highlands. Several male and female employees stand by their booths.

#57 Commodore Apartments, 5316 Pershing Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., 1930 – The Commodore apartment building at 5316 Pershing Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri.

#58 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 1930 – An aerial view of Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri, looking to the west from Taylor Avenue.

#59 Municipal Free Bridge, largest double deck steel span bridge in the world, 1930 – The St. Louis Municipal Bridge across the Mississippi River, the largest double-deck steel span bridge in the world at the time.

#60 Colchester Apartment building, St. Louis, Mo., 1930 – Exterior of the Colchester Apartments, North Kingshighway Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri.

#61 The Pagoda, Forest Park Highlands, St. Louis, Mo, 1930 – Photograph of The Pagoda, Forest Park Highlands, St. Louis, Missouri.

#63 N. Grand and Penrose, 1930 – View of southwest corner of Grand and Penrose. Walker Brothers auto repair garage.

#64 21st and Chestnut, 1930 – View of an open cellar door behind a grocery store. Advertising for Coca-Cola and Snider’s ketchup are hung on the building.

#65 Rock Springs bar, 1930 – View of Rock Springs bar and J. Westerman Market.

#66 Park Guards’ Headquarters at Forest Park, 1930 – Exterior view of Park Guards’ Headquarters at Forest Park.

#67 Geller’s Economy Store, 1930 – South west corner St. Louis Avenue and Newstead.

#68 City Hospital No. 2, 2945 Lawton, 1930 – View of the Barnes Medical College building, which was City Hospital No. 2 for African-American patients at the time of this photograph.

#69 Morgan Street Garage, 1930 – 718, 720 – 722 Morgan Street. Large building painted: Morgan Street Garage.

#70 North Grand near Grandel Square, 1930 – View from North Grand towards Liberty Music Hall, now known as the Sun Theater.

#71 N. Broadway, 100 block of, 1930 – View of 100 block of N. Broadway. Ramona Cigar Co. at 104 N. Broadway.

#72 St. Pius V Catholic Church at Grand Ave. and Utah St. View is east from Utah St. Church’s rectory is on the right, 1930

#73 View of southwest corner of 14th and Olive St, 1930

#74 View of sidewalk and residential street. Standard Oil filling station sign is visible. 4403 Laclede, 1930

#75 View of one-story wedge-shaped business building at Utah and Gravois. Grocery was at 3287 Gravois, 1930

#76 Northeast corner of South Broadway and Geyer Ave. Max Soldz’ Ladies Ready-to-Wear was on the corner at 1832 South Broadway, 1930

#77 Looking west from Thomas St., Easton Ave., and N. Compton Ave. intersection. Filling station and Easton Bazaar are visible, 1930

#78 Exterior view of a laundromat and shoe repair shop with three people standing in front of billboards. 1232 and 1234 Morgan St, 1930

#79 View of Washington Ave. from Newstead Ave. Houses on the left are along the north side of the block, 1930

#81 View of the alleyway between South Grand and Grace looking north toward Potomac. IOOF temple at 3502 Grace is visible, 1930

#82 View of the 1200 block of Blackstone Ave. looking north from 5701 Julian Ave, 1930

#83 View of the 5900 block of Minerva Ave. St. Barbara Catholic Church (now St. Augustine is visible at Minerva and Hamilton, 1930

#84 Street view of Louis Lum Chop Suey at 1014 North Sarah and other businesses. Several people are on the busy sidewalk, 1930

#85 View of three three-story residences on the 1300 block of Dillon near Park Ave, 1930

#86 View of 2000 block of Walnut St. Connely Manufacturing Co. building at 2038 Walnut in the background, 1930

#87 View of houses on the 4300 block of N. Florissant Ave, 1930

#88 View of three one-story frame houses at 4333 – 4331 – 4329 St. Louis Ave, 1930

#90 View of the wedge-shaped block created by the convergence of Hebert St., N. Florissant Ave., and 21st St, 1930

#92 Ward and infirmary building with solarium end walls at the Robert Koch Hospital (formerly Quarantine Hospital on Koch Road, 1930

#93 View of 4011 – 4015 – 4017 N. Florissant, 1930

#94 Boy at Joseph Pollard’s corner confectionery, 4633 St. Louis Ave. Two women chat next door at Michael Nolan’s grocery store at 4631, 1930

#95 View of the home at 4369 Vista Ave. in Forest Park Southeast neighborhood, now Adams Park near Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis, 1930

#96 Looking north up the alleyway on the 1200 block of Market Street, across from City Hall, now Poelker Park, 1930

#97 View from the street of Harry Koenig’s grocery store at 1701 Carr, 1930

#98 Back view of the warehouse at 1216-1218 Chestnut, painted with “Herkert & Meisel Trunk Co.” (1930

#99 View of houses on the 4300 block of North Florissant Ave, 1930

#100 View of The Hub, Complete Home Furnishers storefront at 701 Washington Ave, 1930

#101 Looking east on Franklin Ave. towards 14th St. Louis Goldberg Furniture Co. at 1401-05 Franklin Ave, 1930

#102 View of alley of O’Fallon between 9th and 10th streets, 1930

#103 View of Larsson Auto Repair at 931 N. 11th St. & Anton Riggio’s Grocery store at 1000 N. 11th St, 1930

#104 View of residences on the 1100 block of Monroe St. near Webster School in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood, 1930

#105 People gathered outside Toroian Brothers grocery store on the 7500 block of North Broadway, 1930

#106 Looking northwest on Walsh St. from just west of South 38th St. in Dutchtown neighborhood, 1930

#107 View of streetcar tracks and street repair. Locations unknown, 1930

#108 View of Wedge Market Grocery Store at 200 S. Compton, 1930

#109 View of Keehn’s Market at 1270 S. Broadway run by August and Frank Keehn, 1930

#111 Three boys pose in front of Fred H. Gerling store at 3800 West Florissant that advertised chicken and frog legs, 1930

#112 View of Gardner Motor Co. at the northeast corner of Main St, 1st St. and Rutger St, 1930

#113 View of the southwest corner of 12th & Pine, 1930

#114 View of residences at 2317-2319-2325 Randolph St, 1930

#115 View east down St. Louis Ave. at North Garrison Ave. showing Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1930

#116 View of Molasky Grocery Store near the intersection of N. 13th and O’Fallon St. with a barrel of brooms and a man painting on the window, 1930

#117 Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co. buildings at 202 and 208 15th St. near Walnut, 1930

#118 Homes at 4369 and 4361 Vista Ave. near S. Newstead in Forest Park SE neighborhood. Now Adams Park near Boys & Girls Clubs and Adams School, 1930

#120 View of intersection at N. 15th St. and Wash Ave. with Congregation Sharis Sfard Synagogue and Carr Square visible, 1930

#121 View looking east from Goedde-Igel Drug Co. at 5801 Easton with bustling foot traffic, cars, and streetcars, 1930

#123 Building that housed Schenberg’s Market at southwest corner of California and Gravois with James Printery next door, 1930

#124 View down 4100 block of Virginia Ave. from northwest corner of Virginia Ave. and Meramec St. with “Restaurant Ladies Entrance” on 3301 Meramec’s awning, 1930

#125 Side view of old Municipal Courts Building at 1300 Market St. from 14th St, 1930

#126 View looking north down Grand Ave. from northeast corner of South Grand Blvd. and Fillmore St. with various buildings visible, 1930

#127 Intersection at Morgan (now Delmar and 17th St. with signage for Hecht-Lears Clothing Manufacturers and various other businesses visible, 1930

#128 Interior of Fern House at Shaw’s Garden (Missouri Botanical Garden, 1930

#129 View of backyards and backporches of homes on Euclid Ave. from St. Louis Ave, 1930

#130 Signs for Windler Wholesale Floral Co. on window at N.E. Cor. 14th & Pine, 1930

#131 View looking east from intersection of 20th St. and Morgan St, 1930

#132 View of railroad overpass on Riverview Blvd. with “Burlington Route, Travel Via, Ship Via, Everywhere West” painted on it, 1930

#133 View down southside of Carroll St. at intersection with Seventh St. with South Broadway visible, 1930

#134 Corner storefront at 4338 John Ave. that was home to Joost’s Market with advertisement for Krey’s Head Cheese on the door, 1930

#135 View east down Lucas Ave. towards 9th St. with H. Siegfried Fine Pants store and Lammert Furniture Building visible, 1930

#136 View south on N. Broadway at intersection with East Carrie Ave. with trolley tracks turning into St. Louis Public Service Co. Broadway & Taylor Car Station, 1930

#137 View of large two-story commercial building at Union and St. Louis Aves. that housed Mound City Trust Co. and various tenants, 1930

#140 View down alley between #21 and #13 South 7th St. with empty lot and William Goertzen’s Bar visible, 1930

#141 View of Love-Johnson Motor Co. Used Car Dept. building at 5236 Natural Bridge with Warner-Walsh Chevrolet Company building in the distance, 1930

#142 Street view of J. Mueller Grocer Company at 2829 Marcus Avenue, 1930

#143 View north on 13th Street from Cass Ave. Six-story Robert, Johnson & Rand Shoe Co. building and Independent Evangelical Protestant Church are visible, 1930

#144 View of two-story building at Tucker and Lucas (formerly High Street, formerly 12th, 1930

#145 View of Naert-Nash Co. in the Heimsch Auto Repair Co. building on 2819-2323 South Jefferson between Lynch and Pestalozzi, 1930

#146 Street work near Kroger Market. View west down Cote Brilliante Ave. at the intersection with North Newstead Ave, 1930

#147 View of Northeast corner of Gravois and Michigan Ave, 1930

#148 Looking west on Easton Ave at Deer Ave. P.J. Farrington & Sons’ Furniture store occupied 4519 Easton, 1930

#149 View looking east down Olive from west of 18th Street. Several businesses including Quirk Luggage, Paris Hotel, Draper Drug Company, and Walker-Armstrong House Furnishing Company are visible, 1930

#150 View of Kroger store at 5300 Lillian with sign for Joseph Siegel’s dry goods store at 5310 Lilian Avenue in the shot, 1930

#151 View of two buildings on the 3900 block of West Florissant which housed a laundry and hat shop respectively, 1930

#153 View of several storefronts on the 100 block of South 7th Street between Walnut and Elm. Keystone Lubricating Company, St. Louis Wholesale Drug Company, and James Robinson’s restaurant are visible, 1930

#154 View of a garage and rears of multi-family residences, 1930

#156 View of a large home on North 11th Street between Clinton Place and Monroe with a man sitting on the porch, 1930

#157 View east down Olive Street at the intersection with Pendleton Ave. Y.W.C.A. Hotel and Cafeteria and Sid Whiting Studios are visible, 1930

#158 View of a large home, courtyard, and pergola, 1930

#159 View looking east down Osceola at South Compton in the Dutchtown neighborhood with a woman and child walking away from the camera, 1930

#160 View of two men sitting on a cupboard beside a building at Leonard Street and Market Street. Blue Valley Butter sign is visible, 1930

#161 View of Schenberg’s market at 2800 Gravois, 1930

#162 View of St. Louis Avenue at Spring where Anton Paintner operated a bakery at 3648 Spring, 1930

#163 View looking North from the corner of Olive and N. Compton toward Locust Street. Standard Auto Parts is visible in the distance, 1930

#165 View of several construction workers on a large building site, 1930

#166 View of storefronts on the 800 block of North Jefferson between Morgan and Franklin. Sign for Joseph Berzon’s tailor shop and other businesses are visible, 1930

#167 Downtown sidewalk view including O. T. Hodges Chile Con Carne and Hot Tamale Restaurant at 18 South 18th Street, 1930

#168 Street work in front of Chas. Roettger AG Stores. Corner of Sullivan and Prarie, 1930

#169 Two-story storefronts at the 3900 block of West Florissant at College Avenue. Kling and Katch Men’s Furnishings at 3934-3936. Florissant Leader, Ready to Wear Clothing at the corner, 1930

#170 Southeast corner of 4th and Morgan Street. Frisco Poultry Co. at 800 4th, 1930

#171 Morris Motor Company Ford dealership at South Grand and Caroline, 1930

#172 Offices of J. H. Roberts, lawyer, and Dr. J.S. Dorsey. Elroy Manufacturing Co. at the 400 block of Jefferson Ave, 1930

#173 Centenary Methodist Church steeple visible at the north down 16th Street at approximately Walnut Street, 1930

#174 View north up Glasgow Ave. from in front of 1354 Glasgow Ave. Sheridan Ave. is the next intersection, 1930

#175 View looking South from 22nd Street at Papin towards Chouteau, 1930

#176 View east down Cass Ave. from the intersection with North Jefferson Ave. The first building on the right is 2500 Cass Ave, 1930

#177 Exterior view of buildings and parked automobiles at the rear southwest corner of 7th and Market Street, 1930

#178 Southside of Scott Ave., 25’ from the intersection with Ewing Ave. The view is looking west, 1930

#179 View east down Easton Ave. from in front of 5438 Easton Ave. Location of Harry Duel’s Grocery, 1930

#181 A truck and five men decorated for a parade with a Chemical Engineering sign parked in front of St. Louis City Hall, 1930

#182 Mitchell’s Grocery and Meat Market and Star Shining Parlor at the southeast corner of Laclede Ave. and South Leffingwell Ave, 1930

#183 View of sewer installation and construction in Section F, 1930

#184 Workers outside St. Louis City Hall. A sign reads: Many – Bland Ins. Agency Insures the Operations of Anton Beffa & Sons Wrecking and Supply Co, 1930

#187 Phil Becker Grocery on the left at Etzel and Goodfellow, 1930

#188 Scharlott’s 5 cents to 1 dollar store at 3948-3952 West Florissant. Next to Lowell Bank, 1930

#189 View south down Broadway at the intersection with East Carrie Ave. O’Fallon Park is on the right, 1930

#192 View of railyard building and trestle. Near Chouteau Ave, 1930

#194 View of 2300 block of Adams St. Adams Grocer in front of 2324 Adams, 1930

#195 View of Cass Avenue near Leffingwell and Elliot. F.H. Portmann Storage Company visible on right, 1930

#196 Building at Tucker and Linden St. in downtown St. Louis, 1930

#197 Two buildings at 4341 and 4347 Vista Avenue, 1930

#198 View of 1900 block of S. Broadway near Geyer Ave. Dry cleaning business at 1910 owned by Frank Kembleger visible, 1930

#199 View of two small commercial buildings at 4652-4654 St. Louis Ave, 1930

#200 Sign for Litsch & Litsch Chiropractors at 3347 California Ave, 1930

#201 Sign for Obelite Products at 3811 North Market, 1930

#202 Residential neighborhood at Washington Place and Lake Ave, 1930

#203 Children on field from Saint Louis Dept. of Streets and Sewers, 1930

#204 Large corner residential building at 1201-1203-1205 Dillon, 1930

#205 Buildings on 3400 block of North Florissant at 3415-3417-3419-3421, 1930

#206 View of North Broadway and Monroe Street. Western Union office at 2221 N. Broadway visible, 1930

#208 Completed Nathan Frank Bandstand near the Muny in Forest Park, 1930

#209 View of multi-family brick dwellings including 2926 Sheridan Ave. in the JeffVanderLou neighborhood, 1930

#210 Buildings on the southeast corner of West Florissant and DeSoto, 1930

#211 View of southeast corner of 11th and Morgan Street. St. Louis Electrical Co. visible, 1930

#212 Four two-story frame homes on the 4400 block of North Florissant Avenue, 1930

#213 View of Union Market building at 701 N. Broadway, 1930

#215 One-story brick homes on the 2800 block of Utah at the intersection with Oregon, 1930

#216 View of south St. Louis intersection including businesses, Princeton Electric and Battery Company at 3115 Gravois and Heil Company, 1930

#217 View of several buildings on the 4000 block of Olive Street between Vandeventer and Sarah, 1930

#218 View of northwest corner of High Street, home to the Imperial Restaurant at 717-727, 1930

#219 View of sewer installation and construction, 1930

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