Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters From the 1970s to Warn the Public About the Dangers of Alcohol

communist propaganda in the Soviet Union was used to influence and change the behavior of the public. Artists throughout the Soviet Union were hired to design and print posters to promote political, military agendas, literacy, sports, or any other types of views, actions, or justifications. They were widely used in the early twentieth century and throughout World War II and the Cold war.

The following posters were used to warn the public about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. With striking, colorful graphics and stark metaphors, the posters cast alcoholism as a snake choking the life from vivacious young men, a bottle as a prison, and more. Drinkers grow slothful and lazy, abandon their families, endanger their coworkers, or become murderous brutes.

Written by Jacob Aberto

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