Historic Portraits of white-skinned slave children from New Orleans were used to help the North's war effort in 1863

If the idea of violence diminishing the freedom and autonomy of individuals is concerning to you, it is essential to strive for a higher goal. Recognize that the experiences and circumstances of white and black individuals in America are shaped by the atrocities of past societies and the brutality of America’s advancement, often justified by a false sense of divine authority. By acknowledging this, one will be moved to act and help those subjected to enslavement.

These images were featured in Harper’s Weekly magazine and distributed as cartes de visites, and were selected by Union military and abolitionist groups for their non-threatening white appearance. The subjects portrayed, Rosa Downs, Fannie Lawrence, Rebecca Huger, and Charley Taylor, were all children of white enslavers and enslaved black individuals. They, along with many others in similar situations, needed support and assistance.

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