Intimate Portraits Of 1980s San Diego’s Rebellious Youth by Harold Gee

American photographer Harold Gee captivated the punk culture, fashion, and rebellious lifestyle of San Diego’s youth in his stunning photographs from the 1980s. He was photographing boys and girls of San Diego in the clubs, roads, beaches, workplaces, local-hangouts, and even in their homes. Harold captured all the angst and excitement of being caught between adulthood and adolescence.

“Some photos from my crazy life immediately following the era of the initial punk scene in San Diego. It’s difficult to demarcate where my personal life leaves off during this period.” Harold Gee said..

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#2 Jay’s room, Charlie, Greenwich Village West, 1985

#3 Juliet Yamada, Theresa Brown, Randy Herr, others, 1982

#11 Edna Anya Dehessa DeVilllanueva & Charles Sheilds, 1983

#12 John Vomit, Lloyd Masing from Personal Conflict, Susan Dollard, 1983

#18 Matthew Rothenberg, Wendell Kling, & Ffriends, 1984

#28 Julie Z, Yolanda Ariyana, John Penuelas painting, 1985

#30 Michelle, Colleen, Peggy on 5th Avenue near Market Street, Downtown San Diego, 1985

#32 Peter Peterson, Rebecca Orchard, Charlene Chu, 1985

#36 Shannen Reese, Michelle Moody; John Stoup on the right, 1985

#41 Gary Rachac in Tashas Music City, Downtown San Diego, 1986

#43 Bruce Perrault, Jay Johnson, Ernie Bornheimer, 1980

Bruce Perrault, Jay Johnson, Ernie Bornheimer, 1980

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#44 Charles Shields, DT, Mark Di Carlo, Martha Loy, 1980

Charles Shields, DT, Mark Di Carlo, Martha Loy, 1980

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