Rolled Stockings: The Popular Fashion Trend of the 1920s

In the 1920s, women’s fashion mostly consisted of long skirts and flappers. Women also started wearing different clothing for sports, style, and other occasions. The 1920s was the era of jazz, and the world was recovering from the devastation of World War I.

Fashion was emerging and evolving rapidly in the 1920s. The Rolled Stockings came in the early 1920s, and they became popular among young women. Girls usually wore in summers, and they were even worn with bathing suits. Some women rolled down their thigh-high and some mid-thigh high while some lower just below the knee. They were typically attached to either a corset or a girdle with clips or gilt mounts. Some women preferred to use elastic bands or roll their stockings down using elastic bands above the knee area. They provided a real utility, safeguarding women from clothing malfunctions like finding your stockings gathered at your ankles.

Rolled Stockings were also worn at the beach with flippers or flip-flops. The trend was so famous by the late 1920s that there was even a movie, “Rolled Stockings.” It was a silent film made in 1927 that starred Louise Brooks.

Here below are some fantastic vintage photos of women wearing rolled stockings in the 1920s.

Written by Alicia Linn

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