20 Nostalgic Photos Depicting a Gritty Journey Through New York City’s Subway in 1981 by Christopher Morris

The subway car screeched to a halt, its brakes releasing a groan that echoed through the dimly lit station. Stepping into the car was like stepping into another world, a world far removed from the bustling streets of 1981 New York City above. It was a world of worn-out seats, flickering fluorescent lights, and walls covered in a tapestry of graffiti. The air, thick with a mixture of sweat, grime, and something vaguely metallic, hung heavy in the car.

The seats, once a vibrant red, were now faded and ripped, bearing the marks of countless journeys. Passengers, a diverse mix of New Yorkers, filled the car. Businessmen in crisp suits sat next to construction workers in dusty overalls. Teenagers with boomboxes blasted the latest hip-hop beats, competing with the rhythmic clatter of the train on the tracks. A woman, her face etched with exhaustion, cradled a sleeping child in her arms. 

Each passenger was lost in their own world, their faces reflecting the city’s energy and struggles. Some were engrossed in newspapers, catching up on the latest news. Others stared blankly ahead, their thoughts miles away. A group of teenagers, their laughter echoing through the car, were oblivious to the world around them.

The train lurched forward, throwing passengers off balance. The graffiti-covered walls became a blur, a kaleidoscope of colors and cryptic messages. Outside the windows, the darkness of the tunnels was occasionally broken by the bright lights of another station. Each stop brought a new wave of passengers, adding to the symphony of sounds and smells that filled the car.

A young man with a guitar case slung over his shoulder stepped into the car, his eyes scanning for an empty seat. Finding none, he leaned against a pole, his fingers tapping out a rhythm on the worn leather of his case. A woman, her hair pulled back in a tight bun, clutched a worn purse on her lap, her eyes darting nervously around the car.

As the train rattled through the tunnels, the rhythmic clickety-clack of the wheels on the tracks became a hypnotic lullaby. The car swayed from side to side, rocking passengers gently. For a brief moment, the chaos of the city faded away, replaced by the monotonous hum of the train.

#7 Commuters ascend and descend stairwells during rush hour, 1981.

#11 A man is seen wearing headphones through a subway car window, 1981.

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