Revisiting the 1970s Disco Era: Stunning Photos Capture the Party Scenes and Nightclubs Across New York City

The 1970s was the golden age of nightclubs, discos, and wild underground parties in New York City. It was a time when cheap rent meant the artistic class ruled downtown Manhattan. People used to wear whatever they and they dance like beasts in full swing. Bellbottoms, scarves, thongs, feathers, fur boats, ruffled shirts, and velvet vests were very popular. The rules were off, and young people embraced their new-found freedom to the fullest.

Here below are some amazing nostalgic photos that give us a peek into the excitement of the epic era. These photographs were taken from Meryl Meisler‘s book Purgatory & Paradise SASSY ’70s Suburbia & The City and they capture the energy and glamour of New York’s 1970s nightspots.

#2 The dancing gets underway as these topless revellers display their acrobatic prowess

#3 Hitting the deck! These guys get low as they dance in a New York club

#5 Grace Jones Arrives on Opening Night, La Farfalle, NY, June 1978

#6 Judith, Andy Warhol and Friend with Open Mouths, Studio 54, NY, July 1979

#8 Glenn Hughes from The Village People performs to a sell-out crowd

#10 Disco heroes The Village People leave a club after a gig performed to adoring fans

#11 The Studio 54 disco scene saw outrageous outfits and frisky dancing

#12 Couples let their passions run wild without worrying about who was watching

#13 A group of revellers pose as they leave world famous Studio 54

#14 Steve Rubell and Halston on Easter Monday, Hurrah, NY, March 1978

#15 Star Wars Party Overhead View, Fire Island Pines, NY, August 1977

#16 Spreading Wings at the COYOTE Hookers Masquerade Ball, NY, February 1977

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