Miss Rose Nanez, the 23-year-old Mexican Girl who Weighed Over 343 Kilograms (756 Pounds)

The Mexican girl, Miss Rose Nanez was weighed 54 over 343 kilograms at the age of 23. She lived at Flinders Street, Sydney. Rose was not obese because of overeating but of overworking her pituitary gland. In 1938, the PIX magazine visited Miss Rose Nanez and documented her private life. Miss Rose broke many beds, and she was banned from commuting and staying in the hotels at that time. She wanted to transfer to America.

#1 When a girl is 23 and still gaining on 54 stone she has to keep her strength up.

#2 In show costume of Mexico where she was bom, a normal baby.

#3 Back View. “I wouldn’t trust just one chair, even if it was wide enough for me to sit on.” So Rose takes two.

#5 Wash-day Revelation. Fifty-four stone is six times the weight of the average woman, needs six times the accommodation.

#6 One-third of a Ton comes down stairs. And the stairway’s barely wide enough for Rose.

One-third of a Ton comes down stairs. And the stairway’s barely wide enough for Rose.

Climbing stairs is very difficult for her; she has to have ground-floor rooms, outside cabins on ships.

#7 No Light Sleeper. R

No Light Sleeper. R

Rose Nanez has broken many beds, the latest at a Maitland (N.S.W.) hotel. A specially enlarged bed was required on the ship from America. Fattest of all the Fattest Ladies on Earth, Rose is 8 feet “around the equator.” Rose Nanez is keen-witted and by temperament, jolly, doesn’t worry about her size, laughs and grows fatter. Her hobby is amateur photography.

#8 This is a poster advertising a sideshow exhibit, ‘Mexican Rose the 54 stone fat girl’ at the 1940 Centennial Exhibition.

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