A Stunning Photographic Tour of Marin City Flea Market in 1990

The sun peeked through the towering redwoods, casting long shadows across the bustling Marin City Flea Market. Cars crammed every available space, spilling onto the shoulder of Highway 101. A steady stream of people flowed through the entrance, eager to explore the maze of vendor stalls. It was 1990, and the Marin City Flea Market was in its prime.

Spread across a sprawling parking lot, the market was a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. Tattered tarps and faded canvas awnings provided shade for mountains of merchandise. Everything imaginable was for sale, from dusty antiques and vintage clothing to handmade crafts and fresh produce. The air hummed with a symphony of sounds: vendors hawking their wares, children’s laughter, the rhythmic thump of music from a nearby boombox.

Nancy Kittle, a local photographer, wandered through the market, her camera capturing the essence of this vibrant community. She focused on the faces, the individuals who brought life and character to the Marin City Flea Market.

There was the seasoned antique dealer, his weathered face etched with stories of forgotten treasures. His stall overflowed with antique furniture, each piece whispering tales of a bygone era. He carefully dusted a delicate porcelain vase, his eyes twinkling with the thrill of the hunt.

Nearby, a young woman with brightly colored beads adorning her braids proudly displayed her handmade jewelry. Her creations were bursts of color and creativity, reflecting the energy of the market. She chatted with customers, sharing the inspiration behind her designs and the joy of making something unique.

 A group of friends, their laughter echoing through the market, rummaged through piles of vintage clothing. They held up flamboyant dresses and retro shirts, joking and reminiscing about past fashion trends. For them, the market was a treasure trove

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