Striking Photos of Manchester’s Slums From 1960s and 1970s That Shocked the Nation

Housing Charity Shelter hired photographer Nick Hedges to document the lives of slum families living in Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Manchester and other cities of Britain. These photographs revealed the poor life and dreadful housing conditions in Britain’s inner cities.

He found families huddling in a cellar lit by a single bulb, sick mothers, children playing in rags, crumbling walls, children sleeping in a squalid blanket. They were living without basic facilities such as electricity, water, proper sewage, and ventilation system. The images, taken for Homeless charity Shelter, united politicians to address Britain’s slums.

The following photographs show the awful living conditions of slum areas of Manchester. These photographs show the other side of 1970s Manchester.

#4 Mother and her 2 daughters living in a substandard property in Manchester 1969

#5 Game of cricket on wasteground Moss Side 1969 71-5

#6 Clothes drying in garden of Moss Side multi let 1969

#8 Single man living in one room of multi let house, Moss Side 1969

#9 Mother and toddler in Manchester slum housing 1971

#15 Father and son on front porch of Manchester multilet 1972

#16 Elderly couple left in semi derelict property, Manchester 1972

#20 Housewife in backyard of Manchester terraced house, 1969

#21 Colliery viewed through bathroom window Burnley 1969

#22 Single man living in one room of multi let house, Moss Side Manchester 1969

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