Manchester in 1985: Fascinating Vintage Photos Capturing Street Scenes and Everyday Life

1985 is the year of Manchester’s Airport tragedy. The same year ‘The Smiths’ released the album ‘Meat is Murder,’ Manchester United lifted a sixth FA Cup trophy.

Many of you can remember Manchester in 1985 – it wasn’t that long ago in the grand scheme of things, but you’d be surprised how different the city looked just a few decades ago.

Below are some stunning vintage photos that will take you back to Manchester in 1985. These photographs were taken from the Manchester council’s Local Image Collection.

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#4 Shoppers browsing in Manchester’s High Street Market

#5 Children’s Ward at Booth Hall Children’s Hospital, Manchester

#10 Nuclear Free City’ sign in Manchester city centre

#23 Manchester City Council in session at the town hall

#40 Chinese Junk on the River Irwell near the Mark Addy pub

#41 Chinese Junk on the River Irwell near the Mark Addy pub

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