What Madison looked like in the 1990s Through Fabulous Photos

As early as the 1990s, Madison began experiencing steady economic growth and has undergone a minor recession than other parts of the state. A local third party, Progressive Dane, was founded in 1992. Among the policies supported by Progressive Dane have been an inclusionary zoning ordinance, which was later abandoned by the mayor and a majority of the council, and a city minimum wage. Several members of the party sit on the Madison City Council and Dane County Board of Supervisors, and it aligns itself with both the Democratic and Green parties.

High-tech companies are driving the boom in Madison, many of them fostered by UW–Madison in partnership with local businesses and entrepreneurs to transfer academic research into real-world applications, especially biotechnology. The area’s high level of education attracts many companies to Madison, taking advantage of its skilled workforce. Madison’s population over 25 has a bachelor’s degree in 48.2% of cases.

Written by Aung Budhh

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    • Is the 90’s now the standard for nostalgia? No major infrastructure initiatives have been undertaken since the 90’s. There have been some new buildings built and some old ones demolished, but otherwise it remains the same.

  1. Whenever I see all of these throwbacks, I like to imagine Art Paul Schlosser popping into frame, looking the same as he always has, playing the same old guitar, singing the same silly songs.

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