Stunning Vintage Photos of Kununurra Town, Australia in the Early Days of Establishment

Kununurra is a beautiful town located on one of Kimberley’s leading waterways banks and sits close to the Northern Territory border. It has many beautiful valleys, lakes, landscapes, waterways, and lush farmland. The tropical agriculture crops grown in the Ord River Irrigation Area have changed over the years. The town is an ideal base to explore some of the wonders of northwestern Australia. Tourism and mining have also become essential to the local economy.

Here are some beautiful color photographs from the Kununurra Museum that show what Kununurra town looked like in the late 1950s and the early 1960s. These photographs show the earliest marking out and construction, which had started during 1960, after the Public Works Department had shifted their camp from Bandicoot Bar to the new townsite by December 1959.

#1 First building at town – Government Office, November 1959

#2 Town Kununurra Marking out Coolibah Drive, Ord River Irrigation Area, November 1959

#3 Town Marking out Coolibah Drive Kununurra, November 1959

#4 Afternoon session at Geraldton building Co’s wet canteen (before C&N took over), October 1960

#5 Afternoon session at Geraldton building Co’s wet canteen (before C&N took over), October 1960

#7 Geraldton Building Company Foreman’s Hut, Kununurra, October 1960

#8 Hostel Block under Construction and Mount Cyril, October 1960

#10 House for RA Hamilton ‘The Chalet’ under Construction, November 1960

#11 Power Station Building Construction, Kununurra, October 1960

#12 Power Station Building Construction, November 1960

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