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In the 1830s, a Medical Book illustrated the Horrors of Masturbation with a Story of a Young Boy

Scientists and physicians once believed masturbation was a “heinous sin” of “self-pollution” that caused madness, disease, and early death. In 1745, Doctor Robert James, a noted and respectable physician, claimed in a medicinal dictionary that masturbation was responsible for “the most deplorable and generally incurable disorders.” A prominent and respected physician claimed in A Medicinal Dictionary that onanism was to blame for “the most deplorable and generally incurable disorders.”

A medical book published in 1830, titled ‘Le livre sans titer’, detailed in gory color illustrations the horrors were awaiting the self-polluter. He was a young boy (his mother’s pride and joy, no less.) who fell victim to self-abuse and died at seventeen.

#2 But he soon he became corrupted and his crime made him old before his time. His back is hunched, his posture aged.

#4 Look at his eyes once so pure, so clear and brilliant: their gleam has sadly gone! A red band of fire surrounds them.

#12 His body once young and lithe is now covered with suppurating sores that burst and leak! He is a horrible sight!

Written by Jacob Aberto

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