No Pictures, When Jackie Kennedy Flipped Down a Paparazzi on the Manhattan sidewalk, 1969

Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis once took a paparazzi by surprise by using a Judo move. When the incident occurred, Jackie was on her way home from seeing ‘I am Curious Yellow,’ a Swedish adult film. Mel Finkelstein received word that Jackie was inside the theater and waited outside with other paparazzi members for the perfect shot of the former First Lady. Photographers swarmed the former First Lady on the sidewalk as soon as she exited the film. Just outside the theater, Onassis caught up with Finkelstein. As she approached him, he took another picture.

Finkelstein said.

I thought she was going to say something. I never figured she would do anything physical. I had just finished snapping her picture. When she came toward me, she grabbed my right arm, put her left leg out, and flipped me right over, then walked away.”

When Mel came too close, Jackie grabbed Mel’s wrist and flipped him over her thigh. She was wearing a leather skirt and heels. Jackie had the strength to physically attack Mel, who was five foot ten and 168 pounds. Finkelstein later admitted he was thrown off guard by the incident. It would be a major lawsuit if a celebrity did this to a photographer today. Jackie said he slipped! Finkelstein did not take the case to court.

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