East London Hairdressers in the Late-1980s and Early 1990s by Peter Marshall

What haircut would you choose in an East London hairdresser in the late 1980s and early 1990s? Mullet, Mohawk, Jheri curls, flattops, or perhaps hi-top fades or Slicked Back Hair. Women’s hair was bouffant big, moussed, soft, puffy, and all about volume. During the middle and late 1980s, it was unfashionable to part either men’s or women’s hair as the perm made the center parting look unattractive.

Photographer Peter Marshall was walking around East London, capturing photographs of everything, and he also photographed the hairdressers of East London in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

#1 Gents, Hairdressers, Three Colts Lane, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, 1984

#2 Ideal Hairdresser, Commercial Road, Limehouse, Tower Hamlets, 1988

#3 The Ideal Hairdresser, Commercial Road, Limehouse, London 1986

#4 The Ideal Hairdresser, Commercial Road, Limehouse, London 1986

#5 Rons Gents Modern, Hairdressers, Bethnal Green, 1982

#6 Miss Novems, Hairdresser, Green Street, Upton, Newham, 1991

#7 Hairdressers, West Ham Lane, Stratford, Newham, 1991

#8 Hairdressers, Puma Court, Spitalfields, Tower Hamlets, 1990

#9 Hairdressers, Balaam Sreet, Plaistow, Newham, 1991

#10 Hairdresser, White’s Row, Spitalfields, Tower Hamlets, 1986

#11 Hairdresser, Romford Rd, Forest Gate, Newham, 1992

#12 Hairdresser, Queens Road, Walthamstow, Waltham Forest, 1989

#13 Hairdresser, Plashet Road, East Ham, Newham, 1991

#14 Hairdresser, Leytonstone Road, Maryland, Newham, 1989

#15 Hairdresser, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, Waltham Forest, 1989

#18 Hairdresser, Chapel Road, Ilford, Redbridge, 1992

#19 Hairdresser, Barking Road, Plaistow, Newham, 1991

#20 Darby’s Tropicana, Hairdressers, Amherst Road, Farleigh Road, Hackney, 1988

#22 Agesports, Hairdresser, Romford Rd, Manor Park, Newham, 1991

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