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Carmen Dell’Orefice: 50+ Beautiful Photos That Show The Glamorous Beauty of Oldest Living Supermodel

Carmen Dell Orefice is one of the oldest working models. She began her modeling career at the age of 13 and appeared on Vogue Magazine’s cover for the first time when she was 15. Carmen also worked in movies, and she worked with well-known photographers of the era, including Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. she lived in foster homes or with other relatives during her parents’ clashes. Her marriage life was gone through a lot of problems and divorces. She married Bill Miles in the early 1950s; they had a daughter named Laura and soon divorced. In 1958, she met photographer Richard Heimann and married him six months later; this marriage lasted only two years; Carmen and Richard divorced in 1960. Carmen was also married to a young architect, Richard Kaplan, and this marriage lasted for eleven years. She was also engaged to television host David Susskind. Here Bygonely has collected some of the most stunning photographs from her modeling career in the 1940s and 1950s. Vote for your favorite ones, and don’t forget to share.

#2 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in gown by Lanvin-Castillo, 1954.

#5 Carmen Dell’ Orefice, at Manalapan Beach, Florida, 1954.

#6 Carmen Dell’ Orefice, at Manalapan Beach, Florida, 1954.

#8 Carmen in a floral print nylon chiffon nightgown by Odette Barsa, 1956.

#11 Carmen in lovely blue evening dress of Supima cotton by Jerry Parnis, 1959.

#13 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in tulle gown by Jay Thorpe, 1946.

#14 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in white eyelet dress by Sophie of Saks Fifth Avenue, hat by Tatiana du Plessix, 1946.

#15 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in chiffon evening dress by unidentified designer, 1947.

#16 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in green velvet dress, glass bead necklace and bracelet by Lisner, pumps by Capezio, gloves by Kislav, 1947.

#17 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in lace dress by Hattie Carnegie, 1947.

#19 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in beige silk jacquard dress,1948.

#21 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in dotted wool suit by Jane Derby, mink scarf by Fredrica, hat by Chanda, gloves by Aris, 1949.

#22 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in gown by Ceil Chapman, 1949.

#23 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in strapless black piqué dress with full skirt, wide-brimmed hat and butterfly necklace, 1949.

#24 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in delicate, drifting gown of tulle and iridescent embroidery from Elizabeth Arden Fashion Floor, 1951.

#25 Carmen in Royal Pastel EMBA mink wrap-stole by A.J. Blatte, dress by Ceil Chapman, diamond earrings by Harry Winston, 1951.

#26 Carmen in apricot wool skirt and coat by Donnybrook, 1952.

#28 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in strapless corselet, 1953.

#29 Carmen Dell’ Orefice wearing coat by Jacques Fath, 1954.

#34 Carmen Dell’ Orefice, at Manalapan Beach, Florida, 1954.

#35 Carmen Dell’ Orefice, at Manalapan Beach, Florida, 1954.

#37 Carmen wearing civet lined ensemble by Jean Patou, Britannia and Eve magazine, 1954.

#38 Carmen in Cerulean EMBA mink clutch-bolero by Samuel Schulman Furs, gown by Ceil Chapman, jewelry by Cartier, 1955.

#39 Carmen in an Emba mink jacket by Maximilian, dress by Jane Derby and jewels by Cartier, 1956.

#40 Carmen in coat of clipped layers of deep black wool woven with fur by Lilli Ann, fur toque by Mr. John, 1956.

#41 Carmen in peony-pink silk print dress with fichu-collar by Galanos, hat by Emme, 1956.

#42 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in Lutetia EMBA min coat by Alixandre for Samuel Schulman Furs, Inc., jewelry by Cartier,1957.

#43 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in Lutetia EMBA mink coat, 1957.

#44 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in soft blue cashmere cardigan scrolled in appliqué over a matching short-sleeved dress in thin blue wool by Vera Stewart, Harper’s Bazaar, 1957.

#45 Carmen Dell’ Orefice is wearing dress by Lanvin-Castillo, 1957.

#47 Carmen wearing sequined dress by Traina-Norell, 1957.

#48 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in beige wool and silk suit with patch pockets set high on the bosom worn with thin straw hat, 1958.

#49 Carmen Dell’ Orefice in Lutetia EMBA mink jacket by Christian Dior, 1958.

#50 Carmen in deep green basket-weave wool suit with longer jacket and fringed scarf collar by Monte Sano & Pruzan, hat by Mr. Arnold, 1958.

#52 Carmen in mocha-colored Persian lamb walking coat by Schiaparelli, hat by Mr. Arnold, jewelry by Verdura, 1958.

#53 Carmen in pebbly gray Forstmann wool dress and jacket, jacket has big kimono collar and deep cuffs by Christian Dior-New York, Harper’s Bazaar, 1958.

#57 Carmen in Autumn Haze EMBA mink coat by Gunther Jaeckel, jewelry by Tiffany, 1959.

#58 Carmen in blue Supima cotton shirtwaist dress by David Crystal, photo by Gleb Derujinsky, Hawaii, Harper’s Bazaar, 1959.

#59 Carmen in brown and white cotton and wool tweed suit, the jacket collar shows a hint of brown shantung lining matching the blouse by Davidow, 1959.

#60 Carmen in brown moiré coat by Arthur Jablow, ecru rose hat by Madcaps, 1959.

#61 Carmen in cotton and Arnel beach shirt in colorful print medallions inspired by East Indian playing cards, 1959.

#62 Carmen in cotton two-piece bathing suit by Cole of California, matching cover-up by Leon Levine, 1959.

#63 Carmen in smoky charcoal suit of British wool tweed, tunic jacket is collarless and belted in black kidskin, by Ben Zuckerman, hat by Emme, 1959.

#64 Carmen in swimwear by Adejo of Cote D’Azur, 1959.

#65 Carmen in white lace top over yards of brown chiffon by Harvey Berin, dinner hat of roses by Dior-New York, 1959.

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