When Boeing 747 launched its first scheduled flight from New York to London on January 22, 1970

The 747 revolutionized aviation technology and the passenger experience when it entered service on January 22, 1970. It measured longer than the Wright brother’s first flight, wider than a boulevard, and a tail height as high as a six-story building. In its first flight from New York to London, Pan Am’s Clipper Young America inaugurated the second phase of the jet age: wide-body aircraft.

Boeing designed the aircraft to maximize seat-mile, and ton-mile revenues as the 1960s came to a close. The 747 made air travel more affordable for middle-class travelers by increasing capacity and lowering costs.

As marketing tools for the airlines that operated the 747, the spacious interiors with luxury appointments and enhanced in-flight dining and entertainment options appeal to first-class and economy passengers alike. Throughout the world, the jumbo jet occupied a permanent place in the popular imagination and remained a symbol of air travel’s glamour from a bygone era.

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