Fake Spirit Photographs: Magician Exposed Behind-the-scenes of Ghost Photography in the 1900s

As photography entered the 20th century, spirit and ghost photography became a trendy subject. Many magicians and photographers claimed to have captured evidence of ghosts and spirits. William S. Marriot, also known as Dr. William by his stage name, was a magician, and he debunked the myth behind these ghostly photographs. He demonstrated several examples and behind-the-scenes of these manipulative images. Person’s Magazine, which was specialized in speculative literature, posted his interview and pictures.

In the early 1900s, the camera mostly used plates to produce photographs, special papers, development fluid, and several other elements were also used during the process. If the plate were to be used more than once, it would pick up two different images, creating a double exposure.

At the same time that society was lapping up paranormal activities and psychic experiments, others set up the Society for Psychical Research in Cambridge to investigate and understand these events and abilities. In 1893, the world-renowned author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) joined their ranks and paid witness to William Marriott’s demonstration and explanation about spirit photography.

Written by Benjamin Grayson

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