Blackpool Beach in the 1950s: Stunning Vintage Photos Show People Enjoying at the Beautiful Seaside Resort

Blackpool is a seaside resort on the Lancashire coast in England. It is famous for its cemented place as “the archetypal British seaside resort.” It is a perfect holiday resort for everyone. It became a prominent tourist spot when a railway was built in the 1840s connecting it to the industrialized regions of Northern England.

Blackpool’s heyday came to an end shortly, spurred by industrial decline, the rise of cheap holidays to Spain and other warm Mediterranean countries, and improved road infrastructure, making short day trips more popular than more extended stays.

These beautiful vintage photos show Blackpool in the 1950s when it was a famous tourist spot. Ice creams, donkey rides, saucy postcards, hats, and people are enjoying their time.

#3 A young couple laugh as they view a carousel of saucy postcards at a postcard shop in the seaside resort of Blackpool, Lancashire in July 1954.

#8 A young woman with a beach ball in front of Blackpool Tower in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK, 23rd June 1955.

#9 Young woman lying on white wrought iron bench w. head resting in lap of boyfriend in Blackpool beach, 1955.

#10 English singer Alma Cogan with English footballer and captain of Blackpool FC, Harry Johnston on Blackpool, England in August 1955.

#15 The comedians Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, enjoying some of the local delicacies on the beach at the foot of the Blackpool Tower, 1953.

#17 Marianne Lincoln, who will compere the ‘Stars At Blackpool’ television show, enjoying a horse ride on the beach where she meets two young fans, 1953.

#22 British comedy double act Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, in rolled up tousers, eating seafood on the beach at Blackpool, 1953.

#23 Blackpool Tower behind holidaymakers relaxing on the beach of the famous Lancashire resort, 1953.

#24 A member of the audience, held by the seat of his pants by a performer, jumps up and down on a trampoline in front of the crowd at the famous seaside resort of Blackpool, 1953.

#28 Holidaymakers and visitors, many seated in deck chairs, enjoy a day on the beach at the seaside resort of Blackpool in Lancashire in August 1952.

#30 Two gentleman sitting on a busy Blackpool promenade in Lancashire, wearing newspapers on their heads as improvised sun hats, 26th July 1952.

#31 Visitors and holidaymakers enjoy a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach amusement park in the seaside resort of Blackpool, Lancashire in July 1952.

#40 View of the casino and pleasure beach buildings lit up during the Blackpool Illuminations annual lights festival in the seaside resort of Blackpool, 1950.

#50 Holidaymakers on the beach at Blackpool during Wakes Week, the annual holiday for workers in the industrial north, July 1955.

#51 Dancing teacher, Hazel Cleaver, leaps over her friends as they enjoy the summer sunshine on the beach, 1955.

#60 Taking advantage of the spell of good weather, holiday makers enjoy themselves on the beach at Blackpool, 1956.

#62 A young holiday makers having a Donkey ride on the beach at Blackpool, Lancashire, 18th July 1957.

#66 British comedian Bob Monkhouse, centre with Wilfred and Mabel Pickles and beauty contestants at a beauty show at Blackpool, 1957.

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