Rare Historic Portraits of Australian People Taken in the 1870s by Freeman Brothers

The Freeman Brothers Studio is one of the oldest photography studios in Australia. It was built by William Freeman and his brother James in George Street, Sydney in 1854, and it is still running after over 160 years. James learned photography from an English photographer Richard Beard in England. He worked there in his studio for eight years.

Freeman and William used the digital and advanced tools in their studio, and they attracted the cultural elite of Sydney to their studios where they photographed them using the latest techniques and photography processes including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, collodion glass plates, flexible sheet negatives all of which were then used to make albumen, gelatin and platinum prints on card, glass, and paper.

Here below are some amazing historical photographs of Australian people from the 1970s, taken by the Freeman Brothers.

Written by Jacob Aberto

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