Fascinating Photos Of 22-Year-Old Jane Fonda In New York City In 1960

Jane Fonda made her film debut in 1960 with the movie ‘Tall Story’, in which she recreated one of her Broadway roles as a college cheerleader pursuing a basketball star. At that time, Fonda was 22, and she also performed in the play “There was a Little Girl”, directed by Joshua Logan, on Broadway.

French photographer, Paul Slade photographed the life of 22-year-old starlet in 1960. Here below are some stunning photos of young Jane Fonda in her apartment, during the dance classes, cooking, working at Hicks & Sons, and her walks on the New York streets.

#1 Jane Fonda lying on the sofa with her Siamese cat at her home.

#2 Jane Fonda preparing the meal in the kitchen at her apartment.

#4 Jane Fonda sitting in the dining room with a friend.

#5 Side view of Jane Fonda sitting at the dinner table at her shared apartment.

#6 Jane Fonda smoking a cigarette at the dinner table.

#7 Jane Fonda preparing a cup of ice-cream for a client at Hicks & Son.

#8 A tired Jane Fonda leaning on the counter at Hicks & Son, where she is working between her classes.

#10 Jane Fonda posing near the entrance to the Cort Theatre.

#11 Jane Fonda posing in front of the poster of her play at the Cort Theatre.

#12 Jane Fonda walking down 48th Street, the Cort Theatre where her play ‘There was a Little Girl’ is playing.

#15 Jane Fonda put on a mask with moustache and a long nose in a drugstore.

#16 Jane Fonda, leaning against a pole, smiling while listening to the street musicians playing for her.

#20 Henry Fonda explaing a scene to Jane Fonda during her visit to his apartment.

#21 Jane Fonda during a visit to her father, Henry Fonda.

#22 Jane Fonda laughing while leaning at the banister of the stairs in her apartment.

#23 Jane Fonda smiling while lying on the sofa with her Siamese cat at her home.

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