Dazzling Color Pictures Show Life In 1960s Ireland

The 1960s was a decade of rapid change for Ireland, which had previously prized economic isolation and cultural preservation but in this period was increasingly aligning with modern industrialized societies. Economic growth, social development and planning became the center focus of Irish government. This society entered into a period of accelerated modernization, and economic, social and cultural changes were increasingly internationalist in orientation.

Here below is a collection of fascinating photographs that capture cities, towns, buildings, streets, markets, and everyday life of people.

#1 Group of men, Corpus Christi procession, Cahir, Co. Tipperary – 1963

#2 Garda directing traffic, O’Connell Bridge, Dublin. June 1963

#5 Irish poet and writer Brendan Behan at a bar general store in County Donegal, Ireland in 1960.

#6 Donough Edward Foster O’Brien, at Dromoland, Ireland, 1960.

#7 O’Connell monument and Nelson Pillar in Dublin, 1962.

#8 Princess Caroline and Prince Albert of Monaco arriving at Dublin airport, 1961.

#9 American actress Grace Kelly pays a State Visit to Ireland with her husband Prince Rainier III of Monaco, 1961.

#10 Garda police motorcyclistswaiting along with residents and spectators on a Dublin street for the arrival of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco during their State Visit to Ireland in June 1961.

#11 Novelist Elizabeth Bowen at Bowen’s Court, her ancestral home, County Cork, Ireland, 1962.

#12 Louis Mountbatten with his family at Classiebawn Castle County Sligo, Ireland, 1963.

#14 A young female model in a red knitted Spanish shawl over a white dress whilst standing outside The Spaniard Public House in Kinsale, Ireland in 1966.

#15 A view of the round tower, a slate built landmark and bell tower at Gelndalough, County Wicklow, Ireland, August 1967.

#16 St Mel’s cathedral, County Longford, Ireland November 1967.

#18 Gulf Oil’s Bantry Bay deep sea terminal in Ireland, 1968.

#19 Dublin Horse Show at the Royal Dublin Society, August 1968.

#22 Poet Patrick Kavanagh eyeing the stony grey soil of Monaghan at his native Inniskeen, 1963

#23 A fishing trawler returning to Skerries, Co. Dublin with a full catch, 1960s

#24 A half-demolished Nelson’s Pillar on O’Connell Street, Dublin. From the front page of the Irish Times on Tuesday, 8 March 1966

#25 Women taking part in a Corpus Christi Procession in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, 13 June 1963

#26 Theatre Royal on Hawkins Street in Dublin. Sunday, 1 April 1962

#27 Working alongside the Gallarus Oratory on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula in Kerry. Mossy Carey, 1960

#28 Parnell Monument at the junction of Upper O’Connell Street, Parnell Street and Cavendish Row, Dublin, 1969

#32 Daniel O’Connell Monument in Dublin, Ireland 1969.

#34 The O’Connell Bridge, looking South, towards D’Oliver Street, Dublin, Ireland, 1969.

#37 Bank of Ireland building in Dublin, Ireland, 1969.

#38 Oscar Wilde lived in the house on left with his mother as a youth, Dublin, Ireland, 1969

#39 Grand Canal and Hotel, near Dublin, Ireland, 1969.

#40 Shrine of Our Lady of Dublin, Carmelite Priory, Ireland, 1969.

#58 Irish A25 taken at Dun Loughaire Station, Ireland, 1969.

#60 Londonderry with St. Columb’s Cathedral, Ireland, 1960.

Londonderry with St. Columb's Cathedral, Ireland, 1960.

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