Sightseeing by Paul McDonough: A Photographic Tour of United States in the 1970s and 1980s

Paul McDonough was raised in New Hampshire and studied at the New England School of Art in Boston. Tod Papageorge became a childhood friend of Paul before he began his studies. In 1967, he moved to New York City and started his professional career.

McDonough’s visual experience became high-octane as spontaneous aesthetics, and the metropolis collided in the improvisational theatre of street photography. It is the first monograph to explore the intimacy of his work as displayed in the crowded streets of Urbania. In his pictures, he explores the space between reality and fiction in public life. Queues of people waiting for roller skates, a girl sitting alone in a blinding light – these are graphic images about our resistance to knowing anything or anyone else.

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