Stunning Colorized Photos Of San Francisco In The 19th Century

The early human settlement in San Francisco dates back to 3000 BC when members of the Yelamu tribe lived here. San Francisco was also inhibited by Native Americans before the arrival of Europeans. They lived by hunting animals, fishing and collecting nuts and fruits. In 1846 the USA annexed with California. At that time, San Francisco only had a population of about 800.

In 1848, the first gold was found at Sutter’s Fort, in the California foothills. Thousands of gold seekers from every corner of the globe poured into California, and within months, San Francisco became the central port and depot of the frenzied Gold Rush. During the Civil War, San Francisco planned to employ the USS Camanche to defend the West Coast; however, the ship sank during a heavy storm in the city’s port before it ever saw actions.

Have a look at these stunning colorized photos that show what San Francisco looked like in the 19th century.

#2 Samuel Kellett Storefront at 765 Market Street, 1860s

#3 San Francisco waterfront from Telegraph Hills, 1865

#5 Vallejo Street Wharf, viewing towards Telegraph Hill, 1866

#6 Boat in Dry Dock from Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, circa 1870

#7 Meiggs’ Wharf, Telegraph Landing area, circa 1870

#11 Hills Bros. Arabian Coffee & Spice Mills at the corner of Sansome and Sacramento Streets, circa 1880

#12 Montgomery viewing to Market, Palace Hotel at end of the Street, circa 1880

#17 Market Street at Sansome, viewing east, circa 1890

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