Stunning Colorized Photos of Russian Beauties from the Early 20th Century by Ola Shrinina

Photography was invented in 1839 and it was in black and white color. And soon after two decades, people began experimenting with color photography. Initially, photographers used hand-coloring techniques. Autochromes arrived in the early 20th century, and it was the first generally practical color photographic process. They were good as compare to hand-coloring; however, the process was difficult and expensive. The modern era of color photography began in 1935, when Kodak employees, Leopold Godowsky Jr. and Leopold Mannes invented Kodachrome.

Coloring photographs and videos from the past is becoming more common and much easier nowadays with photog editing tools. Take a look at these beautiful colorized photographs of Russian beauties from the early 20th century. These photographs were colorized by Ola Shrinina, She is a former professor of German Language and photo colorist.

Written by Jacob Aberto

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