Amazing Behind The-Scene-Photos From ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ 1981

Raiders of the Lost Ark also known as “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”, is an action-adventure film written by Lawrence Kasdan from a story by George Lucas and screenplay was written by Lawrence Kasdan who also wrote Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. This movie has all the flavors of action, romance, comedy, and mystery, packed with one death-defying cliff-hanger situation after another. It is filled with rich characters from Indy himself to Marion to Belloq and even to Marcus Brody. Each has its own personality that shines through in certain scenes. The movie perfectly captures the style of serials, adventure stories, and comic books.

Harrison Ford played the role of Indiana Jones, an archaeologist adventurer, who spends his time traveling all over the world in search of hidden treasure. Karen Allen portrayed the role of Marion Ravenwood, Indiana’s former lover.

Here below are some stunning behind-the-scene photos that show how the iconic movie was made.

#4 That’s noted Indiana Jones stunt double Vic Armstrong standing to the left of Harrison Ford

#6 Spielberg and stuntman Pat Roach (also a professional wrestler) choreographing the big boxing scene

#7 The prosthetic Belloq head that explodes during the finale

#9 A look inside the fertility idol, which actually had robotic eyes and was supposed to look at Indiana Jones

#11 Allen, Spielberg, Ford and Rhys-Davies working on rewrites

#12 Stuntman Vic Armstrong films the legendary chase sequence

#14 Ford, cinematographer Douglas Slocombe and Spielberg work the animatronic idol

#15 From a deleted scene that shows how Indy survived the submarine trip

#17 Allen and a shirtless Spielberg (and an awesome hat)

#19 Ford practicing his whip during one of the bazaar scenes

#20 Ford, Spielberg and the Bantu Wind, the ship that carried Indy, Marion and the Ark

#21 Creating the ghost that flies out of the Ark of the Covenant

#22 Dietrich’s face melting off as the Ark is opened

#23 Spielberg shooting the scene with Belloq and the Hovitos

#24 Ford and Allen shooting the finale as Lucas looks on

#25 Wolf Kahler (Col. Dietrich), Spielberg and Rhys-Davies

#28 Harrison Ford lounges alongside extras in the desert

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