What Naples looked like in the 1950s Through Fascinating historical Photos

Naples is the regional capital of Campania and the third-largest city in Italy, after Milan and Rome. With its largest historical center in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city oozes old-world charm from its clothes hung between houses to its fish shops on the sidewalk to its pasticcerias near churches. Near the Old Town are many historical and culturally significant sites, including the Palace of Caserta and the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Additionally, Naples is known for its natural beauty, including Posillipo, Phlegraean Fields, Nisida, and Vesuvius.

During the 1950s, Naples was still recovering from World War II. Even though the city was already poor before the Second World War, its socioeconomic situation deteriorated rapidly. Back then, education was considered a luxury: only two children out of ten could complete middle school, even though schooling was compulsory until the age of 14. Even though the city was rich in culture, it was also a hotbed of organized crime. Violence was a fact of life for many people, both inside and outside their homes.

Below are some fascinating historical photos that show what Naples looked like in the 1950s.

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