Fascinating Vintage Photos of Venice in the 1950s

Venice was largely unaffected by attacks during the Second World War. However, industrial areas in Mestre and Marghera were repeatedly bombed and railway lines to Padua, Trieste, and Trento. Under the command of Lieutenant General Freyberg, British and New Zealand troops of the British Eighth Army liberated Venice on 29 April 1945, which had been a hotbed of anti-Mussolini Italian partisan activity.

Leftist governments ran Venice immediately after World War II, but centre-left or centrist governments replaced these for much of the 1950s and 1960s. Venice grew rapidly, and the reconstruction period completely reshaped the future of the historic city.

Below are some fascinating historical photos that will take you back to 1950s Venice.

#6 Northerly view along Rio di S. Lorenzo from Ponte dei Greci, Venice, 1950s

#7 Northerly view from bridge on Salizzada dei Greci, along Rio de la Pleta, Venice, 1950s

#9 Northerly view from Ponte de la Comenda along Rio di S. Antonin, Venice, 1950s

#20 Torre dell’Orologio on St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco), Venice, early 1950s

#22 View from Ponte de la Guerra of Rio di San Zulian, Venice, early 1950s

#23 View from Ponte della Paglia (next to the Doge’s Palace) towards the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, 1950s

#24 Banner for the XXVIII Venice Biennale hanging from the Rialto Bridge, Venice, 1956

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