Nancy Sinatra: Life Story and Gorgeous Photos of the American Pop Icon of the 60s and 70s

Nancy Sinatra is an actress and singer, known for her many super hit songs. She began her career as a singer and actress at the age of 17, on her father’s ABC-TV variety series. Two years later, Nancy made her professional debut in front of millions of Americans, appearing alongside her father, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley on the television special ‘Welcome Home Elvis’ which celebrated the return of Elvis Presley from Europe following his discharge from military service. In addition to singing and acting Sinatra wrote two books about her famous father.

Early music career

Nancy released her first single ‘Cuff Links and a Tie Clip’ in 1961. It went largely unnoticed and eventually she was dropped from her label in 1965. She completed her vocal training from Lee Hazelwood and learned to sing lower and rougher. She also changed her looks and bleached her hairs, frosted her lips, started wearing Carnaby Street Fashion. By 1966, She entered the music world again with her new image and release her super hit single ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’.

These Boots are Made for Walking

The single reached No. 1 in the United States ‘Billboard hot 100’ in 1966. The song also topped the music charts of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Initially, Lee Hazelwood wanted to record the song himself, but Nancy changed his mind by saying that ‘coming from a guy it was harsh and abusive, but was perfect for a little girl to sing’ and Hazelwood agreed. She won three Grammy awards for this song and sold over a million copies of the single. The album ‘Boots’ became the top 5 albums of the year and has inspired countless covers throughout the decades. The song is also used in many movies including ‘Full Metal Jacket’, ‘Now and Then’, and ‘Austin Powers’.

A new Nancy Sinatra

After the success of the ‘Boots’ album, Nancy changed her style and released the album ‘Sugar’ in 1967. The album was banned in some cities because of the provocative album cover, in which Nancy was only wearing a pink bikini and it was deemed too racy. In 1967, she became the first American singer to perform the title song of a James Bond movie ‘You Only Live Twice’. She appeared on TV in high boots, and with colorfully dressed go-go dancers. Her looks made her a favorite pinup for GIs during the Vietnam War.

Her 1976 song ‘Kinky Love’ was removed from the playlists of the radios and was only heard every so often in the underground of the late 1970s.

Acting Career

Nancy made her acting debut in 1964 with the movie ‘For Those Who Think Young’. The same year she portrayed the role of ‘Lynne’ in the movie ‘The Swinging Set’. In 1965, she appeared as a guest with Woody Allen on the game show ‘Password’. Her final movie was ‘Speedway’ in which she appeared along with Elvis Presley in 1968. She also started her music show “Movin’ with Nancy”, which aired on NBC in 1967.

Personal life

Nancy married singer Tommy Sands in 1960 and the marriage lasted only for five years. In 1970, she married Hugh Lambert and she has two daughters Angela and Amanda from Lambert. He died from cancer in 1985.

Nancy Sinatra now

In October 2020, she planned to release the Nancy Sinatra Archival Series. She also launched her online merchandise which sale her signed items, CDs, and vinyl. She also actively manages her family website. She also continues to work in the music industry today.

Here below are some beautiful vintage photos of young Nancy Sinatra from her early life and career.

#1 Little Nancy Sinatra with her father, Frank Sinatra and mother Nancy, 1942.

#6 15-years-old Nancy Sinatra with her father, at the movie premiere, 1955.

#10 Nancy Sinatra wither her father at the ‘The Dean Martin Variety Show’, 1961.

#11 Nancy Sinatra with Tommy Sands at the airport, 1960.

#12 Nancy Sinatra and Tommy Sands are shown together as they cut their wedding cake.

#13 Nancy Sinatra in the ‘The White Angles’, 1966.

#17 Nancy Sinatra getting off the plane in May 1966 in Paris.

#18 Nancy Sinatra posed holding a daffodil on the balcony of a London hotel in 1966.

#19 Nancy Sinatra posing for her album cover ‘Sugar’, 1970.

#20 Nancy Sinatra during 43rd Annual Academy Awards at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, 1971.

#21 Nancy Sinatra on ‘The Summer Brothers Smothers Show’, 1968.

#24 Nancy Sinatra preparing to leave from the Palm Springs home, 1965.

#25 Nancy Sinatra with Dean Martin in the movie ‘Marriage on the Rocks’, 1965.

#27 Nancy Sinatra with Trini Lopez, Tina Sinatra and her father Frank Sinatra, 1965.

#29 Nancy Sinatra with Michael Caine at the premiere party for Martin Ritt’s film, ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’, 1965.

#30 Nancy Sinatra sitting and holding a flower at a Cocoanut Grove opening, Los Angeles, 1966.

#31 Nancy Sinatra with songwriter and record producer Lee Hazlewood recording in the studio, 1966.

#32 Nancy Sinatra perched on a baggage cart at Orly Airport, 1966.

#34 Nancy Sinatra, with Peter Ronda in the movie ‘The Wild Angels’, 1966.

#35 Nancy Sinatra with Diane Ladd in the movie ‘The Wild Angels’, 1966.

#36 Nancy Sinatra on the set of ‘The Last of the Secret Agents’, 1966.

#37 Nancy Sinatra with Ed Sullivan at the premier of ‘The Last of the Secret Agents’, 1966

#43 Nancy Sinatra lifting her leg while sitting on stool, 1966.

#46 Nancy Sinatra gets out of a car wearing a leopard skin coat and knee length boots, 1966.

#47 Nancy Sinatra with Tina Sinatra attend the wedding reception of film producer Arthur Loew and Regina Groves at Hollywood club, 1966.

#48 Nancy Sinatra with her father Frank Sinatra, 1967.

#49 Nancy Sinatra and British actor Michael Caine, 1967.

#50 Nancy Sinatra performs for members of the First Infantry Division in Bien Hoa, South Vietnam, 1967.

#51 Nancy Sinatra and English composer John Barry at the CTS Studios recording James Bond them song ‘You Only Live Twice’, 1967.

#52 Nancy Sinatra posed at a hotel roof garden in London on 8th May 1967.

#53 Nancy Sinatra posted for the cover of her album, 1967.

#55 Nancy Sinatra with ELvis Presley in a scene from the film ‘Speedway’, 1968.

#57 Nancy Sinatra and Elvis Presley on the set of Speedway, 1968.

#60 Nancy Sinatra during Recording Session at Mediasound Studios in New York City, 1977.

#63 Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra during Palm Springs Police Department Honors, 1970.

#64 Nancy Sinatra performs on stage, with backup dancers and a floral backdrop, 1969.

#65 Nancy Sinatra with Brother Frank Sinatra Jr., 1978.

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