Revolutionizing Housework: Claus Scholz-Nauendorff’s MM7 Selektor Robot Invention

Claus Scholz-Nauendorff was an Austrian engineer and inventor who significantly contributed to robotics. He is best known for creating the MM7 Selektor and the MM9 robot, two groundbreaking inventions that helped pave the way for future advancements in robotics.

The MM7 Selektor was reportedly created between 1957-1958 and was designed to perform various household tasks, including vacuuming and pouring liquids. The robot was electrically operated and was designed to be able to perform tasks autonomously without the need for human intervention. This made it a revolutionary invention at the time, especially for women looking for ways to balance their roles as homemakers and career women.

One of the challenges of creating robots that could operate without human intervention was ensuring that they could turn themselves off and on. Scholz-Nauendorff recognized this issue, but it remained a problem that must be solved to achieve genuine autonomy. He continued to work on developing robots throughout his career, with a focus on creating machines that could perform tasks autonomously.

Scholz-Nauendorff’s contributions to the field of robotics were significant and helped pave the way for future advancements in the field. His inventions were seen as groundbreaking at the time, and they helped change how people thought about technology and its potential to improve people’s lives.

Today, robots are used in various settings, from manufacturing and healthcare to transportation and entertainment. They can perform tasks that were once thought impossible, and they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of technology.

Scholz-Nauendorff’s legacy in the field of robotics continues to be felt today, with his inventions serving as inspiration for future generations of roboticists and engineers. His vision of creating machines that could think for themselves and perform tasks autonomously remains a driving force in robotics. His contributions continue to shape how we think about the potential of technology to transform our lives.

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