Fascinating Historical Photos Of Los Angeles From The 20th Century

Los Angeles is the largest city in California. It was annexed with the U.S. after the Mexican American War in 1846. The railroads arrived into Los Angeles in 1876, and the city was linked with the rest of United States. Petroleum was discovered in the city and the surrounding area in 1892, and by 1923, the city had become the largest oil producer. At the dawn of the 20th century, the population had grown to over 102,000.

In 1910 Los Angeles annexed the town of San Pedro. In 1910, Hollywood entered into the city and D.W. Griffith was among the first directors to film in L.A., And within the next ten years, the city would have become the centre of the entertainment industry. The population multiplied in two decades from 102,000 in 1900 to over one million in 1924. The city hosted the Summer Olympics of 1932. During World War II, Los Angeles was a major centre of wartime manufacturing, such as shipbuilding and aircraft. Over 1000,000 workers were employed in aircraft manufacturing and shipbuilding.

#1 Old Mission Trolley Trip, Pacific Electric Railway, Los Angeles, 1912

#2 Entertainer Johnny Carson on the ‘Tonight’ Show delivering a monologue, Los Angeles, July 1965

#3 Herman Miller furniture showroom, 8806 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, 1950

#4 Walt Disney pointing to a plan for Disneyland, under construction in Anaheim, Los Angeles, 1954

#5 Aspects of life in Southern California, including cars at drive-in restaurant, Los Angeles, June 1956

#6 Actress Betty White at home, about to leave for studio where her Los Angeles daytime television show is broadcast, 1954

#7 Gasoline filling station at night, Hollywood, California, April 1942

#8 The Gypsy life, mid-century style, show at Gilmore Field, Los Angeles, 1947

#10 Comedian Groucho Marx sitting on a swingset with daughter Melinda, Beverly Hills, California, November 1953

#11 Sign and ticket window of a large dance palace, Hollywood, California, April 1942

#12 Five Mack Sennett girls provocatively posed amid serpentine confetti, Los Angeles, April 1918

#13 Betty White with elephant on her daytime TV show, Los Angeles, 1954

#14 Tex Williams, host of Town Hall Party on KNBH-TV, Los Angeles circa 1953

#16 Tire service station, Hollywood, California, 1942

#18 Lower station, Angels Flight, Third & Hill streets, Los Angeles, 1960

#19 Los Angeles Pacific Railroad fire, Fourth Street between Hill and Broadway, Nov. 15, 1908

#20 Walt Disney oiling parts of the locomotive of his scale model steam railroad, the Carolwood Pacific Railway, in the backyard of his house in Los Angeles, September 1951

#22 Aluminum Group furniture, Somewhere around Los Angeles circa 1958

#24 Aluminum Group furniture (chairs, ottomans, tables), Los Angeles, 1958

#27 At Bob’s Custom Royal convertible, Los Angeles, 1956

#28 Nine-year-old newsie and his 7-year-old brother ‘Red.’ Tough specimen of Los Angeles newsboys, May 1915

#29 Marilyn Monroe with a Navy pilot for the Look magazine assignment “Helicopter View of L.A, 1952

#30 Training in marksmanship helps girls at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, August 1942

#31 Fifth Street and Spanish-American War monument in Pershing Square, Los Angeles circa 1920

#32 Powerhouse and incline station, Mount Lowe Railway, 1913

#33 American Express Co., Main and Sixth, Los Angeles, 1910

#36 Case Study House #22. Stahl residence at 1635 Woods Drive, Los Angeles, 1960

#38 Julius Shulman’s nighttime shot of Ann Lightbody and Cynthia Murfee in Case Study House No. 22, the Stahl residence in the Hollywood Hills, May 9, 1960

#39 Young upcoming Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe practicing in dance class, Los Angeles, February 1947

#40 Case Study House No. 22. Stahl Residence, 1635 Woods Drive, Los Angeles, 1960

#41 Movie starlet Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood, February 1947

#43 Learning how to determine latitude by using a sextant is Senta Osoling, student at Polytechnic High School, Los Angeles, September 1942

#44 Students at Washington High School in Los Angeles training for specific contributions to the war effort, September 1942

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