Stunning Historical photos depicting Life in England during the Edwardian era

In British history, the Edwardian era lasted from 1901 to 1910, sometimes extending to the First World War. Queen Victoria’s death in January 1901 marked the end of the Victorian era. Edward VII, her son, and successor was already the leader of a fashionable elite influenced by the art and fashion of continental Europe. As with the Victorian era, a lot of the character of the Edwardian era can be attributed to its monarch. However, Edward had a very different character from his mother.

Workers were not treated like machines but as humans under the Edward era. However, the financial status of the classes remained vastly different. The nation witnessed the end of child labor. In 1907, Lord Baden Powell founded the Boy Scout movement, which encouraged boys to have a sense of duty and good citizenship.

In the Edwardian era, women gained more reputable jobs like typists, which elevated their status in the workplace. During this time, the Suffragette movement gained momentum, supporting women’s right to vote and hold office. The fierce campaign began in 1906. Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters founded the Women’s Social and Political Union. The fight for equality continued even though many women resorted to violence or went to prison. Leisure sports were popular with the upper classes, so fashion rapidly developed as more mobile and flexible clothing styles became necessary. Women in the Edwardian era wore very tight corsets and long skirts. Edwardian women were the last to wear corsets in everyday life.

Here below are some stunning historical photos that depict life in the Edwardian era.

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