50+ Gorgeous Fashion Photos Of Ivy Nicholson From Her Modeling Career

Ivy Nicholson is a supermodel and actress; she started her modeling career at the age of sixteen. Ivy worked for a famous fashion magazine like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. She was also featured on covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She made her debut in movies with some minor roles in a handful of Warhol films. In 1970, Ivy moved again to Paris, where she painted and guided her children’s careers. Here below are some gorgeous photos of Ivy Nicholson from her modeling career. Vote your favorites.

#1 Ivy Nicholson in beige velvet short bolero over wool dress by Christian Dior, 1951

#2 Ivy Nicholson in crimped lace cocktail dress with very full skirt, velvet bow at the neckline, by Jacques Fath, 1951

#3 Ivy Nicholson in green jersey hat decorated with net and jeweled pin by Jane Blanchot, 1951

#4 Ivy Nicholson in red felt cap tied with large red satin ribbon by Caroline Reboux, fur coat by Maurice, 1951

#5 Ivy Nicholson in sable cap with a silver embroidered horn on each side by Gilbert Orcel, costume jewelry also by Gilbert Orcel, 1951

#7 Ivy Nicholson in tortoise shell lace dress in straight line and simple cut, the skirt falls in folds from the hip by Balenciaga, 1951

#8 Ivy Nicholson in white ermine cap by Legroux, ermine muff by Maurice Kotler, 1951

#9 Ivy Nicholson in white velvet skirt embroidered with beads worn with navy jersey top and stole, by Jean Dessès, 1951

#10 Ivy Nicholson in wool suit by Jacques Griffe, 1951

#11 Ivy Nicholson is wearing small velvet cap embroidered with pearls and sheer voilette by Rose Valois, 1951

#12 Ivy in Givenchy’s skirt and blouse with wide 3/4 sleeves and exaggerated cuffs,February 1952

#13 Ivy is wearing Givenchy’s “Fichu Lampion” in black and tan paisley pleated like a Japanese lantern, February 1952

#14 Ivy is wearing Givenchy’s big-sleeved coat of navy wool with new wrist-ruffle cuffs and Garbo-slouch hat, Paris, February 1952

#17 Ivy Nicholson in intricately sculpted evening gown by Jacques Griffe, 1952

#18 Ivy Nicholson is wearing tricot top with skirt painted by Scarpitta Mirycae, Ostia, Italy, ELLE, June 16, 1952

#19 Ivy Nicholson with straw hats by Emilio Pucci on the isle of Capri, 1952

#20 Ivy Nicholson in black velvet cocktail dress with low white organdy collar a la Rubens by Marc Bohan, ELLE, October 5, 1953

#21 Ivy Nicholson in chiffon evening gown by Irene Galitzine, Rome, 1953

#22 Ivy Nicholson in evening gown by Jacques Griffe, 1953

#24 Ivy Nicholson is sporting the new “Italian Haircut” created by Marcel, July 1953

#25 Ivy Nicholson in a princess-line dress of tobacco jersey by Jacques Fath, Nouveau Femina, March 1954

#26 Ivy Nicholson in a wool jersey dress by Jacques Fath, photo by Georges Dambier, Musée de l’Orangerie, ELLE, March 29, 1954

#27 Ivy Nicholson in Albouy’s white melusine cap, with black velvet bow, netted veil and feather, 1954

#28 Ivy Nicholson in design by Emilio Pucci, Capri, 1954

#29 Ivy Nicholson in floral print silk or taffeta dress copied from original design by Givenchy, Vogue, April 1, 1954

#30 Ivy Nicholson in grey flannel two-piece dress and straw hat by Pierre Clarence, Nouveau Femina, March 1954

#31 Ivy Nicholson in slim jersey dress and soft-brimmed hat by Jacques Fath at the Musèe de l’Orangerie, ELLE, March 29, 1954

#32 Ivy Nicholson in wool overcoat with sailor collar and satin beret by Christian Dior, ELLE, March 1954

#35 Ivy Nicholson in gorgeous wedding dress of ruffled mousseline, sheer bodice delicately embroidered with florets, and layered tulle train by Nina Ricci, 1955

#36 Ivy Nicholson in late-day dress and short jacket of black and white faille designed by Paquin for Vogue Pattern 1299, Paris, Vogue, June 1, 1955

#37 Ivy Nicholson in pale blue linen dress and jacket by Patou for Vogue Pattern 1298, Paris, Vogue, June 1, 1955

#38 Ivy Nicholson in satin print suit and matching coat by Nina Ricci, 1955

#39 Ivy Nicholson wearing a Jean Desses two-piece dress in chalk white shantung and silk, February 1955

#40 Ivy Nicholson wearing Balenciaga double-breasted mandarin collar coat, 1955

#41 Ivy Nicholson in evening gown by unidentified Italian designer, Appian Way, Rome, 1956

#42 Ivy Nicholson in multi-colored floral print on black silk gauze dress with matching coat by Nina Ricci, 1956

#43 Ivy Nicholson in narrow pants and sweater shown here standing in a gondola in front of Ca’ d’Oro, Venice, 1956

#44 Ivy Nicholson in strapless lace party dress by Fernanda Gattinoni, 1956

#45 Ivy Nicholson wearing gold brocade sheath worn with a fur-lined evening coat, 1957

#46 Ivy Nicholson in beautiful evening dress of stiff white cotton ottoman with great petals of skirt that curve up in front and down in back, Harper’s Bazaar, March 1958

#47 Ivy Nicholson in crystal clear green pleated nightgown of nylon tricot, topped with shoestring straps, by Eye-Ful, Vogue, November 15, 1958

#48 Ivy wears traditional “English bobby” oilskin cape as a skirt, imported by David Seiniger of Empire Imports, 1958

#49 Ivy Nicholson in evening coiffure by Carita, 1959

#50 Ivy Nicholson photographed by Kenneth Heilbron, Paris, 1959

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