Amazing Historical Photos of India From The 1870s That Capture Streets and Landmarks

The Indian subcontinent was once the size of Europe, and today it is divided into seven countries. It’s amazing how much things have changed and how much has stayed the same. Some of these architectures, buildings, and landmarks are still intact. These landmarks remind us of the Rajput kingdoms, Mughal Empire Deccan, and the Sikh courts. Check out what the Indian subcontinent looked like in the 1870s.

#13 Harbor from St. Xavier’s College Showing Victoria Station and Municipal Office

#20 Elephanta, The Three Headed Figure at Back of Cave

#26 The iron pillar and the great arch of the mosque built by Kutubuddin, near the Qutub Minar, in Delhi, 1870s.

#27 The entrance to the great mosque of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 1870s.

#28 Jainist temple of Shri Dharamnathji near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 1870s.

#29 A barded elephant from the Benares (Varanasi) region, 1870s.

#31 Historical buildings in the center of Lucknow, 1870s.

#34 Temples of Varanasi (Benares) on the Ganges River, 1870s.

#37 Several men stand around a corpse wrapped in white cloth on a woodpile, ready to be burned.

#39 The Revenue Board (Chepauk Palace) – Madras, India, 1870.

#40 British Bungalow on Numgumbawkum Road in Madras, 1870s.

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