Rare Historical Photos of Copenhagen Zoo from the Late-19th Century that will Make Your Day

Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest zoos, founded in 1859. The zoo covers 11 hectares (27 acres) and is situated between Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken Park in Frederiksberg.

Danish ornithologist, Niels Kjærbølling founded the zoo in 1859. Visitors could see eagles, chickens, ducks, owls, rabbits, a fox, a seal in a bathtub, and a turtle in a bucket at the opening. As the zoo grew, it began to display as many different types of animals as possible. Still, as animal welfare became a concern, the number of other species dropped in favor of allowing each animal more space.  Since the early 1980s, Copenhagen Zoo has been undergoing renovations to replace cages with enclosures that recreate animals’ natural environments, giving animals a better lifestyle and visitors a more realistic experience.

#1 Animals here were treated like human and even had their own toys

#6 A suited man squats down and strokes a seal that has been transported in a net carrier

#20 A chimpanzee waving at tourists next to a board with her details

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