Glamorous Portraits of Classic Actresses by Robert Coburn

Robert Coburn was one of the most influential portrait photographers who worked in many Hollywood film studios during the 1930s to 1960s. Coburn’s captivated some of the biggest Hollywood icons in his photographs and helped establish this age as the Golden Age of Cinema. Back in 1940, Robert Coburn started a twenty-year career with Columbia Pictures as the head of the still production department and the studio’s chief portrait photographer for many landmark films, including such as “Picnic,” “Gilda,” and “The Big Heat.”

He was awarded the ‘Still Photography Exhibition Award’ by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences’ twice. Here is a set of gorgeous photos of classic actresses from the 1930s,1940s, and 1950s captured by Robert Coburn.

Written by Orla Morris

Full-time dress and costume designer, Half Persian half Italian. I still don’t know how to write, but i'm writing and you are reading :)

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