Rare Historical Photos Of Old Cincinnati At The Beginning Of 20th Century

Cincinnati is the major city of Ohio, settled in 1788. It was initially incorporated as a town in 1809 and officially recognized as a city in 1819. In the late 19th century, Cincinnati was one of the rapidly growing and thriving cities in the United States. It became an important industrial, economic, political, and literary center. The major industries were iron, meatpacking, cloth production, and woodworking. Cincinnati had the largest brewing industry in the United States before the Prohibition. The population grew steadily, and many civic and cultural institutions were founded. The success continued throughout the first two decades of the 20th century and disrupted during the great depression. The world’s first reinforced concrete skyscraper was also built in Cincinnati in 1903. New infrastructures were built, including Union Terminal, the post office, and the large Cincinnati and Suburban Telephone Company Building.

Here below, we have compiled a list of spectacular historical photos of old Cincinnati that show streets, roads, landmarks, and everyday life of Cincinnati at the beginning of the 20th century.

#3 Main entrance to Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, circa 1906

Main entrance to Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, circa 1906

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#4 Reservoir and pumping station, Eden Park, Cincinnati, 1904

Reservoir and pumping station, Eden Park, Cincinnati, 1904

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#6 Mount Adams across Ohio River from Covington, Cincinnati, 1905

#7 Fifth Street north from Race, Cincinnati circa 1907

#8 Music Hall, Washington Park and Cincinnati Music Hall on Elm Street, 1906

#10 Elsinore Tower entrance, Eden Park, Cincinnati circa 1904

#13 Lafayette and Franklin Banks and Masonic Temple, Third Street, Cincinnati circa 1900

#14 Coney Island and the midway, Cincinnati circa 1910

#16 Price Hill Incline. Part of the Cincinnati streetcar and freight elevator system circa 1906.

#19 Federal Building (Custom House and Post Office), Cincinnati, 1907

#21 Fourth Street east from Race, Cincinnati circa 1910

#22 Mercantile Library Building, Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, circa 1910

#24 Central Union Station, Cincinnati, Ohio, circa 1905

#28 Lake and clubhouse, Chester Park, , Cincinnati circa 1906

#29 New pumping plant on Ohio River, Cincinnati circa 1906

#34 The sidewheeler Cincinnati passing under the Roebling Suspension Bridge, Cincinnati, 1906

#36 Suffragette posed in police uniform to illustrate woman police concept, Cincinnati, September 23, 1909.

#37 An exciting moment at the Newsboys’ Picnic, Cincinnati, August 1908

#40 Fourth Street east from Race Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, circa 1910

#45 Marie Costa, basket seller, lives at 605 Elm Street, Cincinnati, August 1908

#46 Lena Lochiavo, 11 years old, Basket Seller, Sixth Street Market, Cincinnati, August 1908

#48 Burnet House and Chamber of Commerce, Cincinnati, 1900

#49 Lafayette and Franklin Banks, Third Street, Cincinnati circa 1905

#51 Traction Building, Walnut and Fifth, Cincinnati, Circa 1906

#52 The Water Tower at Fort Thomas, , Cincinnati circa 1907

#55 Lena Lochiavo, 11 years old, 209 West Sixth Street, Cincinnati, August 1908

#57 Fourth Street looking east from Race, Cincinnati, 1900

#58 Fourth Street west from Main, Cincinnati circa 1907

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