50+ Rare Behind The Scenes Photos From Famous Classic Movies

Modern filming equipment and digital technology have completely revolutionized the way films are made and viewed. Back in classical movies, the directors have to focus more on the story than cinematography, and the acting skills of both actresses and actors were excellent. Old movies mostly have a strong and neat storyline, and they were less dependent on superheroes and visual effects. The budget and profit of modern movies have increased so far, which almost turned an artwork into business. We here at bygonely have compiled a list of some real moments from the making of some amazing classic movies.

#1 Pelé takes a break during the filming of “Escape to Victory”, 1981

#2 Eleanor Parker and Richard Haydn during the filming of “The Sound of Music”, 1965

#3 Ben Chapman during the making of “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, 1954

#4 John Lennon during the filming of “How I Won the War”, 1967

#5 Marilyn Monroe of the set of The Misfits, her second to last film, 1960

#6 The Seinfeld cast during the last days of filming, 1998

#7 Robert Shaw relaxes on the set of Jaws, while filming the scene in which Quint is eaten by the shark, 1974

#8 Vivien Leigh taking a cigarette break during the making of “Gone With The Wind”, 1939

#9 A filmmaker filming at the corner of a battlefield at The Somme, during the Great War, in 1916

#10 Humphrey Bogart having rubber leeches applied to his chest for the filming of “The African Queen”, 1951

#11 Marlon Brando and Karl Malden during the filming of “On the Waterfront”, 1954

#12 Actor Read Morgan putting on his costume during the filming of “Octaman” in 1971

#13 Steven Spielberg in “Bruce” the Shark’s mouth during the filming of “Jaws” , 1975

#14 Busby Berkeley directs Judy-Garland and Mickey Rooney in MGM’s film “Girl-Crazy”, 1943

#15 Filming the opening crawl of The Empire Strikes Back, 1979

#16 Salvador Dali painting Laurence Olivier for filming of “Richard III”, 1955

#17 Director Alfred Hitchcock on set during the filming of “The Birds”, 1962

#18 Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable on the set of the film Misfits, 1960

#19 Marlon Brando grinning devilishly while getting his make-up done during the filming of The Godfather in New York, 1971

#20 Maura Monti during the making of the Mexican film “La Mujer Murcielago” (“The Batwoman”), 1968

#21 Actresses playing mermaids lounge during the making of Peter Pan, 1924

#22 Stanley Kubrick and Tony Curtis on set during the making of ” Spartacus”, 1960

#23 The Adams Family’s Felix Silla during a break in filming, 1965

#24 Filming Maureen O’Hara’s nude horseback scene for “Lady Godiva of Coventry”, 1955

#25 Francis X. Bushman during the making of “Ben Hur”, 1926

#26 Making of “Battleship Yamato” in the studio pool of the Shin-Toho, 1953

#27 A cameraman filming over Baker Street, London in 1930

#28 Professional frogman Courtney Brown tows a 55-foot scale model of the Titanic during work on the film “Raise the Titanic!”, 1980

#30 Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and Edgar Kennedy in a deleted scene from the film “Their Purple Moment”, 1928

#31 Adam West during the filming of “Batman”, 1966v

#32 Frederic March, director Rouben Mamoulian and Miriam Hopkins behind the scenes during the filming of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, 1931

#33 Margaret Nolan being filmed for the title sequence of the movie “Goldfinger”, 1964

#34 Jane Russell posing for artist Zoe Mozert for the poster for the film “The Outlaw”, 1943

#35 Jerry Seinfeld on the first day of filming “Seinfeld,” 1989

#36 John Wayne takes a break during the filming of ‘The Undefeated’, 1969

#37 Actress Esther Williams being filmed underwater during the making of “Jupiter’s Darling”, 195

#38 Ann Miller recording the sound of her tap dancing for the film “Reveille With Beverly”, 1943

#39 Alfred Hitchcock directing Janet Leigh in the shower scene from “Psycho”, 1959

#40 Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy take a break during the filming of the Hal Roach production of “Towed In A Hole”, 1932

#41 Raquel Welch during the filming of Biggest Bundle, 1968

#43 Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder filming the first Superman movie, 1978

#44 A Roman centurion sits on a Vespa in between takes during the filming of Ben-Hur, 1959

#45 Director Alfred Hitchcock, during the filming of “The Birds”, 1962

#46 Natalie Wood and James Dean hear from director Nicholas Ray in a quiet moment between filming, 1955

#47 Charlie Chaplin on set of his film “Limelight.”, 1952

#48 Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog during filming of The Muppet Movie, 1978

#49 Claudette Colbert and director Cecil B. DeMille during the making of “The Sign of the Cross”, 1932

#50 Jerry Lewis during the filming of “The Day the Clown Cried”, 1972

#51 Alfred Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman and cinematographer Ted Tetzlaff during the filming of “Notorious” at RKO Pictures’ studio in Culver City, California, 1946

#52 The Mount Rushmore set during in the making of “North by Northwest”, 1959

#53 Sean Connery and Tippi Hedren having fun during the filming of “Marnie”, 1964

#54 Giulietta Masina Having her makeup applied during the filming of “La Strada”, 1954

#55 Director Peter R Hunt, actor John Richardson, and an unidentified actress during auditions for the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, 1969

#56 Alfred Hitchcock serving Grace Kelly tea on the set of “To Catch a Thief” , 1955

#57 Actress Annette Funicello and singer Frankie Avalo on beach during filming of “beach Party”, 1963

#58 Preparing models and set to film the first ‘Godzilla’ movie, 1954

#59 Julie Andrews is doused with water during filming of The Sound of Music, 1964

#60 Chorus girls relaxing in the dressing room between scenes during the filming of ‘Broadway’, 1928

#61 Cesar Romero prior to film his surfing scene with Adam West in “Batman”, 1967

#62 Maud Adams, Roger Moore, Britt Ekland and Hervé Villechaize during the filming of “The Man With The Golden Gun”, Hong Kong, 1974

#63 Harold Lloyd filming the clock scene from “Safety Last”, 1923

#64 Rita Moreno rehearsing for the film “West Side Story”, 1961

#65 Kirk Douglas’ makeup test for the film “Champion”, 1949

#66 Filming a large-scale harvester model in David Lynch’s “Dune”. 1984

#67 Test shot of Sammy Davis Jr from 1960 while filming “Ocean’s Eleven”, 1960

#68 Alfred Hitchcock on the set of the film Blackmail with actress Anny Ondra, 1929

#69 Gregory Peck during the filming of John Huston’s Moby Dick. Canary Islands 1954

#70 Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino, and Diane Keaton, filming “The Godfather”, 1971

#71 Stanley Kubrick and Peter Sellers switch places during the filming of Dr. Strangelove, 1963

#72 Making of “Moby Dick” at Elstree Studios in London in 1954

Making of "Moby Dick" at Elstree Studios in London in 1954

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