Stunning Candid Photos of Everyday Life and Buses in the 1970s Devon

The photo series “On the Buses, Devon, 1970” by Norman Craig offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. It shows the daily lives of bus drivers and passengers in a small town in Devon, England.

The shots are candid and unposed – just people going about their business. We see bus drivers taking breaks, chatting and smoking cigarettes. Passengers board and disembark, each with their own story. The images are simple, but they convey a sense of community and camaraderie that’s rare in today’s world.

The series also reveals how different life was in the 1970s. The fashions are unmistakably of that era – bell bottoms, wide-collared shirts, and long hair abound. The buses are old-fashioned, with open platforms at the back and no air conditioning. People read newspapers and books, knit, and chat with each other, instead of staring at their smartphones like we do today.

#2 A Western National bus conductor with a fluffy kitten on his shoulder, Totnes, Devon, 1970

#3 At the staff rest room in Totnes. This woman kept the place clean and wholesome, Totnes bus garage, 1970

#4 Bus conductor with moustache in the rest room in Paignton bus station, 1970

#8 Conductors catch up on the gossip between trips, Paignton bus station, 1970

#10 Deilwen and Carol on holiday. Top deck on the bus in Devon, on holiday from Liverpool, 1970

#13 Driver Luscombe takes a break on the top deck, Paignton bus station, 1970

#18 Here’s Sue waiting until they manage to get together and get her off home to Collaton, Paignton bus station, 1970

#21 Icy stare from the ice cream lady in the kiosk in Paignton bus station, 1970

#22 Mentally preparing for the last trip of the day, in the staff rest room in Paignton bus station, 1970

#23 Mick the inspector in the pub across the bridge from the Plains, Totnes pub, 1970

#24 Paignton bus station – the windows on the left belong to the staff rest room, 1970

#30 Pete enjoys an after shift pint in the pub across the bridge from the Plains, Totnes pub, 1970

#34 The best bus conductor that the Western National Omnibus Company ever had. It must be Normko, Paignton bus station, 1970

#35 The bus station regulators discuss strategy at Paignton bus station, 1970

#39 War trophy – Devon General indicator board in the hands of a Western National conductor, Paignton bus station, 1970

#40 Weary regulator enjoys a well-deserved pipe in a waiting bus, Paignton bus station, 1970

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