Fabulous Photos of the 1920s Beauty Queens Brought to life in Vibrant Colors

These beautiful photographs show how the ideas and the standards of beauty have changed in a century. From the winners of seaside beauty pageants to Miss Universe’s winner, these photographs offer a glimpse into these contests’ popularity – and the women who won them. During that time, women usually wore clothing that gave them a curve-less look. They even shortened their hair, leaving behind the long-held belief that long hair signified beauty and desirability.

Irish artist and photographer Matt Loughrey colorized these photographs.

#1 Young women posing in risque bathing suits that bare the legs and knees, Washington DC, May 29, 1920.

#2 Miss Washington, Evelyn Lewis, standing proud in her modest bathing suit and knee-high stockings at the Wardman Park Hotel.

#3 Miss Chicago of 1925, Margarita Gonzales.

Miss Chicago of 1925, Margarita Gonzales.

Gonzales was a candidate for the national title at the Atlantic City beauty contest in 1925, but was eliminated in the first round.

#4 Beauty queen Evelyn Cushing, 24, won Miss Illinois in 1932 and went on to compete for Miss America.

#5 Ella Van Hueson exercising on a static bike in June 1928 after being named Miss Universe.

#6 Iola Swinnerton and Anna Neibel, winners of a beauty contest at Washington’s Tidal Bathing Beach, 1922.

#7 Splash of color Eva Fridell receives the winners cup on August 5th 1922 at the Washington Tidal Basin beauty contest.

#8 Miss Universe Ella Van Hueson sitting in her car in 1922.

#9 Mrs. Wallace Ford models a dress that she will wear to the Miss America ball in 1927.

#10 Eva Fridell takes the prize at the Washington Tidal Basin Beauty contest, August 1920.

#11 Miss Anna Neibel with her winners cup at the Washington Tidal Basin in 1922.

#12 Mae Greene, 18, was chosen as Miss Chicago 1926 out of 4,000 rivals at the Trianon Ballroom.

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