Gorgeous Photos of 16-year-old Elizabeth Taylor during the filming of ‘A Date with Judy,’ 1948

‘A Date with Judy’ is a 1948 musical comedy film starring Wallace Beery, Jane Powell, and Elizabeth Taylor. The plot revolves around two school friends Carol (Elizabeth Taylor) and Judy (Jane Powell). During a school party, Judy is going to perform a song she’s written. Carol is a spoiled rich girl who is jealous of Judy. However, Carol’s brother, the band leader, is madly in love with Judy. In addition, a newly arrived young man, Stephen, has come to town to work for the summer, and he is the focus of Judy and Carol’s attention.

Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Powell both portray charming roles. The film is a riot of charm, song, wit, and dazzling color.  In addition to Jane Powell’s soprano singing voice, the film also features the Latin American singer Carmen Miranda and the bandleader Xavier Cugat.

Elizabeth Taylor was 16 years old when these photos were taken during the filming of ‘A Date with Judy in 1948’. The same year she was also starred in ‘Julia Misbehaves.’

Also, check 12-years-old Elizabeth Taylor in the movie ‘National Velvet (1944)’.

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