Young Sally Field: Life Story And Gorgeous Photos From Her Early Career

Sally Field is an award-winning actress and producer. She began her career at the age of 18 with the TV sitcom ‘Gidget’ in 1965. The series was short-lived and lasted only one season, but Sally made her name with it. And after a year, she appeared in another TV series ‘The Flying Nun’. Sally made her film debut with ‘Moon Pilot’ in 1962, she rose to fame with miniseries ‘Sybil’, for which she won an award. In 1979, Sally was starred as ‘Norma Rae’, and the show become a super hit, and she won her first academy award. She worked in several TV series and movies throughout the 70s 80s and 90s. In the 2000s, Sally returned to television with a recurring role on the NBC medical drama ER

Sally has been married twice, first to her high school boyfriend, Steven Craig from 1968 to 1973. The couple had two sons. Her second marriage was with film producer Alan Greisman from 1984 to 1994. She was also in a relationship with Burt Reynolds.

Sally made her production company, Fogwood Films. She directed and wrote the 1996 holiday television movie ‘The Christmas Tree’ and many more. In 2018, Sally published a memoir, ‘In Pieces’, which relived her Hollywood career and her personal life. Here below are some gorgeous photos of young Sally Field from her early career.

#3 Sally Field, in costume as the titular character in her film ‘Norma Rae’, 1979

#5 Sally Field with Jon Provost and ANgela Cartwright, 1965

#10 Sally Field and her date, Paul Peterson, seated at a Hollywood event, 1966

#13 Sally Field with Marge Redmond in ‘The Flying Nun’, 1968

#15 Sally Field, in a red shirt with a rabbit design, 1975

#17 Sally Field at the Cannes Film Festival during the presentation of the film ‘Norma Rae’ in May 1979, France

#18 Sally Field with Craig Steven at a party in Los Angeles, 1958

#20 Sally Field with Ron Leibman in “Norma Rae”, 1979

#22 Sally Field at the Deb Star Ball in Los Angeles, 1958

#25 Sally Field in a swimsuit with a surfboard on the beach, circa 1965

#26 Sally Field sitting on a wooden surfboard with an American flag and eating a watermelon, for the television series, ‘Gidget,’ 1965

#28 Sally Field smiling with her hand on her cheek, 1965

#31 Sally Field with Paul Peterson at Whisky A Go Go, a nightclub in West Hollywood, 1965

#39 Sally Field in “Maybe I’ll Come Home in the Spring”, 1971

#41 Sally Field during the making of ‘Maybe I’ll Come Home in the Spring’, 1971

#44 Sally Field during “International Broadcasting Awards” at Century Plaza Hotel in New York City, 1974

#45 Sally Field during “International Broadcasting Awards”, 1974

#47 Sally Field as she poses in front of a puple background, Los Angeles, 1970s

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