50+ Worst Men Fashion Styles From The 70s That Will Make You Uncomfortable

Fashion in the 1970s was mostly about individuality and freedom. While there are a variety of fashion styles, however certain circumstances and conditions affect fashion. The 70s was the era of disco music, hippies, and sexual freedom. In the ’70s, men wore vibrant colors, and fashion brands tried to incorporate some styles from women’s fashion, like long sandals, high-waisted pants, bell-bottom pants, shorts, and underwear similar to hot pants and thongs. Chest hair was considered hot. If you haven’t got a glimpse of 70s fashion, check out these men’s fashion styles from the decade to understand. Compiled by Bygonely, the list contains some weird and dark fashion styles; some of them are gloriously disturbing. Vote your favorites, and don’t forget to share.

#21 Apparently, “Slack” Is a Distant Cousin Of “Cool”

#57 Choose a Side: Are You Mustard or Ketchup Pants Kind of Guy?

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