Capturing the Elegance of Viennese Women: Historic Studio Portraits from the 1860s

In the mid-19th century, Vienna was a bustling city full of art and culture, and photography quickly became a popular form of expression. Among the many photographers active in Vienna then were Ludwig Angerer, Adéle, Kalmár & Becske, who captured the elegance and beauty of Viennese women in their vintage studio portraits from the 1860s.

Ludwig Angerer was one of the most renowned photographers of his time, and his studio was located on Mariahilfer Strasse, a bustling shopping street in Vienna. His portraits of women are known for their soft, delicate lighting and intricate attention to detail. Angerer’s portraits of women from the 1860s are particularly striking, capturing the fashions of the time with great accuracy. His photographs of women in full-length dresses and elaborate hairstyles give us a glimpse into the elegance and refinement of Viennese society in the mid-19th century.

Adéle was another prominent photographer in Vienna at the time, and her studio was located on the famous Ringstrasse. Adéle’s portraits of women are known for their naturalness and spontaneity, effortlessly capturing the essence of her subjects. Her portraits from the 1860s showcase women in various poses and expressions, from demure and reserved to playful and energetic. Adéle’s photographs of women offer a glimpse into the personalities and individuality of her subjects.

Kalmár & Becske partnered with two photographers who operated a studio on Landstrasse, another prominent street in Vienna. Kalmár & Becske’s portraits of women from the 1860s are known for their bold and dramatic lighting, creating a sense of depth and texture that is striking even today. Their portraits of women in dramatic poses and elaborate costumes give us an understanding of the theatricality and deception that was so popular in Viennese society.

Together, these photographers captured the beauty and elegance of Viennese women in the 1860s with stunning accuracy and attention to detail. Their portraits of women offer us a glimpse into a bygone era of art and culture, showcasing Viennese society’s fashions, styles, and attitudes in the mid-19th century. These vintage studio portraits are beautiful works of art and valuable historical documents that help us understand and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Vienna.

In addition to their technical skill and artistic vision, these photographers were pioneers in photography, experimenting with new techniques and processes to create their stunning images. They were among the first photographers to use artificial lighting and develop their own prints, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in photography.

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