The Troubles in Northern Ireland, 1978 Through the Lens of Chris Steel-Perkins

Chris Steele-Perkins is a British photographer and member of Magnum Photos. Before becoming a photographer, he studied psychology. As a member of the EXIT collective, he focused on social ills in British cities in his early work. His time with EXIT culminated in the publication of a book called ‘Survival Programmes’. His first solo book, Teds, examined the British Teddy Boy subculture of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Later, Steele-Perkins began to travel more widely, taking photographs in Africa, Afghanistan, and Japan.

During the Troubles (Northern-nationalist conflicts in Northern), he documented life in Northern Ireland.

I intended to cover the situation from the standpoint of the underdog, the downtrodden: I was not neutral and was not interested in capturing it so… I began to see that my work in Northern Ireland had always been a celebration of the resilience and unyielding way that the Catholic community resisted.

#1 Youth with a stone during a riot at the top of Leeson Street, west Belfast, 1978

#4 Women protesting about conditions in English jails, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1978

#5 Rioters stoning RUC vehicle at the top of Leeson Street, Belfast, 1978

#8 Community centre disco, Catholic west Belfast, 1978

#9 Soldier pointing rifle, bottom of Clonard Street, Belfast, 1978

#10 Kids learning martial arts in a local gym, Catholic Derry, 1978

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