Fabulous Photographs Capturing Life by Sabine Weiss

Sabine Weiss was a talented Swiss-French photographer. She was also one of the most prominent French humanist photography movement representatives in the 1950s and 1960s. She captured the joy of life in her atmospheric photographs, whether it was people-watching in Western Europe’s cafes, squares, and streets or capturing small moments in New York.

Sabine was born in Switzerland and moved to Paris in 1946. At Vogue in 1952, she met Robert Doisneau while working with fashion photographer Willy Maywald. She then joined the Rapho press agency and was hired as a photographer for Vogue for nine years.

I photograph to preserve the ephemeral, fix chance, to keep in an image what will disappear: gestures, attitudes, objects which are testimonies of our passing.

#8 Vendeurs de pain, Athènes (Sellers of bread, Athens) Greece, 1958

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