Interesting Historic Photos Of Norfolk, Virginia From Early 20th Century

Norfolk is a coastal city in Virginia established in 1636. The city has a long history as a strategic military and transportation point. The city thrived after the America Civil War with the construction of canal and railroads across the city. In the first half of the twentieth century, the city of Norfolk expanded its borders through annexation. In 1906, the city annexed the incorporated town of Berkley, making the city cross the Elizabeth River. In 1923, the city expanded to include Sewell’s Point, Willoughby Spit, the town of Campostella, and the Ocean View area.

Here below are some historic photos of Norfolk, Virginia from the early twentieth century, that show street scenes, landscapes and everyday life.

#1 Confederate Monument., Norfolk, Virginia, circa 1910

#5 Oscar Weston, 1320 Berkley Avenue, South Norfolk, June 1911

#6 Weighing cotton on the docks, Norfolk, Virginia, circa 1905

#9 Raymond Bykes, Western Union No. 23, Norfolk, 1911

#10 Merchants and Miners Wharf, Norfolk, Virginia, circa 1917

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