A Holiday Classic: Beautiful Photos from the movie 'Miracle on the 34th Street (1947)'

Miracle on 34th Street is a 1947 Christmas comedy-drama film based on a story by Valentine Davies. The plot revolves around a man who believes he is Santa Claus, institutionalized for being insane, but then sets out to prove that he is real. The screenplay is delightful, spirited, and enjoyable. The cinematography and scenery are stunning, the whole film is fascinating to watch, and the music is incredible. It is a joy to watch Edmund Gwenn perform as Kris Kringle. He is positively radiant in this role, and he deserved the best supporting actor, Oscar. Doris, Maureen O’Hara, a stunning actress, is beautiful, and she also shines as Fred John Payne. Meanwhile, Natalie Wood plays Susan perfectly, and she is absolutely believable.

Due to his obvious sincerity, Glenn is an ideal Santa Claus for Macy’s and us. He spreads the real meaning of Christmas around even has Macy’s declaring a holiday truce with its rival Gimbel’s. That’s a part of the movie that might be lost to viewers today. Macy’s biggest rival, Gimbel’s, had its flagship store across 34th Street in New York. It gives the title a meaning that is lost on today’s audience.

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